1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton finally had her weight loss surgery in the most recent episode, and her family took the scary-but-exciting event as an opportunity to surprise her. For years, Tammy has been struggling with her health and trying to get herself down to a weight that would allow her to be approved for life-saving bariatric surgery. Though it has not been an easy path, Tammy finally qualified for her surgery after spending several months in an Ohio-based rehabilitation facility and working with doctors to regulate her weight.


Things have not always been easy between 1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton and her family, especially when it comes to her health. Tammy has, at times, been very rough on the people that support her when they have tried to help her to commit to her weight loss. Her family has always been supportive, knowing that the only way to help Tammy is to let her fail and start over again. Now that she has qualified for her surgery and is finally moving into the next phase of her life, her family was excited to celebrate her biggest accomplishment.

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Tammy Slaton’s Family Visited Her In Rehab

The entire family, including her sister Amy Slaton and her newest nephew Glenn, traveled to Ohio ahead of Tammy’s surgery to wish her well. While the Slaton’s brother was already with Tammy in Ohio for rehab, the rest of the family was not scheduled to be in attendance, as they were all at home in Kentucky. As she was wheeled out of the rehab the night before surgery, she was met with the whole family and nearly broke down in tears after seeing the decorations and sweet handwritten messages they’d written for her. Though Tammy hasn’t always been the easiest person to care for, her family has supported her no matter what.

Tammy Slaton Knows Her Family Loves Her

With the Slaton family traveling as far as they did to see Tammy off and ensure she knew they were there for her during such a monumental event, it is clear how much they care for her. While Tammy, whose been a villain on 1000-lb Sisters, has been known for her attitude in the past, her family has done their best to ensure she’s taken care of and understands they love her. Tammy’s reaction to the surprise, which was pure shock and a few tears, made it clear that the 1000-lb Sisters star cares for her loved ones just as much as they care for her. The family’s support will ultimately keep Tammy motivated and aligned with her goals.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy may have had a difficult time getting to the point where she has qualified for her weight loss surgery, the road will only get harder for her after the operation. With the responsibility to maintain a healthier lifestyle in order to keep off the weight, Tammy will need all the support she can get. Thankfully, with the Slaton family all willing to be there for her, she will not have to look too far for help when she needs it.

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