1000-lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross has made an incredible transformation on her weight loss journey. The 44-year-old is proving it’s never too late to achieve your goals and take control of your health. The commitment and dedication she has put into losing weight hasn’t been easy, which makes it much more inspiring.


Vannessa’s impressive weight loss journey started on 1000-lb Best Friends, but she wasn’t alone; she had her best friend, Meghan Crumpler, by her side. Vannessa had struggled with her weight ever since she was young, but her out-of-control eating was exacerbated when her husband passed away, and she used it as a source of comfort. However, she knew it was a lifestyle she couldn’t continue because she was tired of feeling overweight, defeated, and depressed. It wasn’t an easy road, but Vannessa’s now living a happy and healthy life she could only have dreamed about before.

Before Vannessa’s Weight Loss

When Vannessa realized her life had to change, she weighed 448 lbs. Her weight was holding her back from being able to enjoy life, and her relationship with food controlled almost every aspect of her life. In the past, Vannessa had tried and failed to lose weight and stick to a healthy diet, but it was never a long-lasting regimen. When she had the opportunity to join Meghan on 1000-lb Best Friends, she knew that was her chance to prove to herself that she could do it.

During Vannessa’s Weight Loss

Once Vannessa found the motivation to keep going and push herself out of her comfort zone, that’s when she started to see results. Although she had some setbacks and bumps along the way, she didn’t use them as an excuse to give up or go back to her old ways. By making lifestyle changes such as cutting out soda and bread, she was able to lose 50 lbs on her own before she had bariatric surgery. Vannessa was proud of her progress, and her sense of confidence and self-worth skyrocketed on 1000-lb Best Friends, only propelling her even further on her weight loss journey.

After Vannessa’s Weight Loss

It was no easy feat for Vannessa, but she has lost 200 lbs after overhauling her diet, working out, and receiving bariatric surgery. One of the most difficult parts besides losing weight was changing her mindset toward food. The 1000-lb Best Friends cast member didn’t only undergo a physical transformation but a mental one as well. She no longer looks at food as an extension of her happiness, and she finds that joy in other things in life, such as going to the gym, spending time with her friends and family, and enjoying new hobbies.

Now Vannessa has her sights on a new makeover as the next step on her weight loss journey is skin removal surgery. She knows that if she continues with her successful lifestyle changes, she will reach her goals. Hopefully, when 1000-lb Best Friends returns, Vannessa will have accomplished all of that and more.

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