DC Comics features some of the weirdest friendships of all time. Over the course of many decades, DC Comics has introduced many odd relationships, ranging from heroes pairing with goofy sidekicks to villains becoming allies of their long-time foes. These friendships have kept DC Comics from feeling stale and have explored all the possibilities that can only happen in comics, where things are constantly changing. Many of these friendships are one-offs that only serve the current storyline. In contrast, others are built over many issues and become iconic relationships that fans discuss years after they have been dissolved.

DC is not afraid to get weird with their friendships, as the more bizarre relationships get fans’ attention and keep them reading as they see the dynamic change between characters. In some cases, this results in some villains having the best friendships in the comics, as they put aside their goals to become a more powerful force. Other times, it means heroes who usually work on their own, like Batman and Superman, have to set aside their vastly different morals for the greater good. Regardless of the motivation, weird friendships are always a draw for readers and will continue to be one of the best parts of DC Comics.

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Batman & Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn are usually on opposite ends of the law, but there are instances where The Dark Knight and the famed anti-hero have come together to form a strange bond. But while she is flirtatious, Harley is one of few women in Batman comics that doesn’t have a deep-seated romance with Bruce Wayne.

Even though they are one of the funniest friendships in DC Comics, it is strange for readers to see Batman become close with someone so closely associated with his arch-nemesis. But their witty banter has allowed Batman and Harley to form a friendship that readers like seeing, even though it is on the weirder side.

Wonder Woman & Artemis

Wonder Woman and Artemis fight in DC Comics

Wonder Woman and Artemis usually compete or try to eradicate each other, like in the Wonder Woman: The Odyssey miniseries. But in different storylines, the two mighty warriors unite to defeat a greater evil.

While they understand putting the greater good over their feelings, seeing Wonder Woman get along with Artemis is weird for readers when they consider how many times Artemis has tried to kill Wonder Woman and take over her role. Even though they have one of the strangest friendships in Wonder Woman comics, the pair have a lot in common, which helps them find a middle ground to stand on when they need to.

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Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

poison ivy and harley quinn

For many fans, seeing Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn together isn’t strange, as the pair complement each other well. But when their personalities are broken down, it does seem odd that they have become such good friends and lovers.

Their fighting methods are vastly different, as Harley takes a more physical approach. In contrast, Poison Ivy is more passive and uses her powers to manipulate nature rather than get her hands dirty. Poison Ivy is more relaxed even in the tensest situation, while Harley is more high-strung. Despite their differences, Harley and Poison Ivy have one of the best friendships in the comics.

Batman & Superman

Superman puts his hand on Batman's shoulder

As two of the most well-known comic book characters in history, Batman and Superman have been at odds with each other several times, making seeing them friendly with one another weird for readers not to mention unexpected. But while these heroes abide by two different moral codes, they still have moments of friendship.

Over the years, Batman has stuck by his code of not killing his foes, while Superman has killed many villains. This leads the two to have epic battles about how to handle a situation. Despite almost killing each other several times, the heroes have a bromance that readers like seeing. Many memes have described Batman and Superman’s friendship, highlighting how odd their camaraderie can sometimes be.

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Joker & Lex Luthor

Split image of Joker in Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker and Lex Luthor in Justice League Unlimited

Villains coming together isn’t unheard of, but seeing cool, calm, and collected Lex Luthor pair with the unpredictable Joker was not something fans expected. Their unexpected friendship was one that comic readers are not soon to forget.

Even though they fight the same heroes, Lex Luthor and The Joker are used to being in charge of their plans. This was part of why their friendship was so strange: neither is privy to giving up even the slightest bit of power. These two put aside their personal preferences to eradicate their foes for good. As one of the strangest friendships in The Justice League comics, Luthor and Joker proved to be formidable.

Ambush Bug & Superman

Ambush Bug from Batman The Brave and the Bold, and Superman looks ashamed

Superman is not one to refuse help, but his friendship with Ambush Bug tests the patients of The Man of Steel. Ambush Bug is a weird character, but things got even more bizarre when a friendship between Superman and the bug-like man came about.

Unlike Superman, Ambush Bug can’t keep a secret, which is a big part of being a superhero. Ambush Bug also tends to flip his stance on whether he is a hero or a villain, which is something that Superman never does, as he is only presented as a hero unless outside forces manipulate him. These differences make them one of the strangest friendships in Superman comics.

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Batman & Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman kissing at the alter

Throughout their storyline, Catwoman and Batman’s friendship has developed into a wild romance. With all the times that Catwoman has led Batman on and vice versa, it is weird that they can still consider themselves friends.

For readers, it is clear that chasing one another is part of the fun of Catwoman and Batman’s odd pairing. While they each claim they want to be with the other, something is always making them change their mind. With the unpredictability of each character, it is weird to see how they continue to have a friendship. But because they share erratic personality traits, one of the strangest friendships in Batman comics makes sense.

Green Arrow & Green Lantern

Green Arrow and Green Lantern Comic Cover

Green Arrow and Green Lantern seem like they should be partners with their similar costumes and names. However, these green-based heroes have vastly different personalities and duties regarding their heroics.

Green Arrow is a neighborhood hero who becomes further involved in more significant crimes against Earth, while Green Lantern protects the galaxy. Regardless of their different powers, these heroes find common ground when they compare their feelings about being protectors. The hero partnership has been long-lasting but hasn’t come without its challenges, as they have fought each other many times. After seeing the intensity of their fighters, it is a wonder how they have remained friends.

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Rodunn & Aquaman

Rodunn and Aquaman engage in battle under the sea

One of Aquaman’s strangest friendships in the comics is with Rodunn. Even though they are allies now, there was a time when Rodunn tried to kill Aquaman, making it odd to see them as friends.

Usually, trying to kill someone else would dash all hopes of being friends, but this wasn’t a sticking point for Aquaman. Rodunn and Aquaman have come together to protect their home of Atlantis, and that sense of duty gives them a foundation for their partnership. There is a sense of obligation to their friendship since Aquaman saved Rodunn’s life, making their friendship even weirder, as there are no real feelings of friendship, only duty.

Superman & Lex Luthor

Feature image showing some of Superman and Lex Luthor's best moments in the comics

The Justice League comics gave readers the most unlikely friendship when they paired Lex Luthor and Superman as allies rather than villains. After many years of seeing the two at odds, fans were stunned to see these characters fight side by side.

Lex Luthor had been the bane of Superman’s existence for most of his time as a comic icon. This made their friendship weird as it seemed impossible for them to decide to fight with one another. Trust is a critical component of a friendship, and with Superman doubting Luthor’s intentions, it was a wonder they ever called themselves friends.

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