Warning! Spoilers ahead for Fast X. As the beginning of the culmination of The Fast Saga, Fast X sets up not only what’s to come next between Dominic Toretto’s match-up with Dante, but also the franchise’s ultimate end. Originally supposed to be directed by F9 helmer, Justin Lin, director Louis Leterrier stepped in to spearhead the project. Debuting in 2001 with Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious, it has successfully transitioned from being a street racing-centered series to an action-adventure fare. After F9, The Fast Saga now enters its final stretch, with only a few installments before officially wraps up. What lies ahead, however, has been effectively set up by the events of Fast X.

Throughout its production, star and producer, Vin Diesel has promised nothing but a fun and action-packed new Fast and Furious installment. Aside from the regular members of the Toretto “La Familia,” Fast X also brings in a string of new characters, led by Jason Momoa’s villain, Dante. Unlike his predecessors, Dante is silly and even childish in his evilness, which makes for an interesting match-up between him and the usually stoic, Dom. Fast X ends on a massive cliffhanger, but aside from setting up what comes next for the ongoing conflict, it also lays the groundwork for The Fast Saga’s ending, as well as some of its reported spin-offs.



10 Fast X Sets Up A Much Bigger Showdown Between Dominic & Dante

Dom in Fast X

At the end of Fast X, all members of the “La Familia” are on the cusp of tragedy or breakthrough. Following the revelation that Mr. Nobody’s Agency successor, Aimes has been secretly working with Dante, Dom and his son, Little B find themselves cornered. While they are able to escape the bridge before being smashed in between two trucks, Dante declares that it’s time to end the fight, starting the bomb timer that could kill Dom and his son. Despite that, it’s safe to say that they will eventually survive the ordeal, effectively setting the stage for a bigger and more intense final throwdown with Dante.

9 Fast X Sets Up Hobbs’ Reunion With Dominic & The La Familia

Fast X Dwayne Johnson Hobbs Return The Rock

After his much-publicized decision to skip the movie despite Diesel’s plea, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ultimately appears in the film. The Fast X post-credits scene shows him in his tactical gear, only to realize that it’s a set-up from Dante just to send a message that he’s being targeted next. While there’s no indication that Hobbs will be reaching out to the “La Familia” or that he’s even remotely aware of what’s happening to them, it’s likely that he will eventually team up with Dom and his group to take down their common enemy.

8 Fast X Sets Up Hobbs & Shaw 2

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in the rain in Hobbs and Shaw

The return of Johnson to The Fast Saga has implications beyond the next few movies in the main films. His cameo also effectively lays the groundwork for Hobbs & Shaw 2. While Johnson’s involvement in Fast X had been kept under wraps, Deckard and Queenie Shaw’s weren’t. With the film revealing that Dante is also going after the Shaw matriarch, it’s the perfect opportunity for Universal to reunite Hobbs and Shaw for a sequel.

7 Fast X Sets Up The Female-Led Fast & Furious Spin-Off


Aside from the main The Fast Saga, Universal is planning to further take advantage of the franchise’s popularity by launching a few spin-offs. That includes a reported female-led movie, although specific details about the project are still being kept under wraps. Despite that, seeing Letty and Cipher’s begrudging team-up, which ends with the revelation that Giselle is alive in Fast X, could be the narrative opening for the currently in-development endeavor.

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6 Fast X Sets Up The Franchise’s Future W/ Dom’s Son

Dom driving a car with Little B in Fast X.

Ever since he was introduced in The Fast Saga, Dom’s son, Little B, has been consistently appearing in the franchise. Fast X dials up his role, however, as the film makes him not only a plot device but an active player in it. His scenes with Jakob are some of the best in the movie; they’re funny and down to Earth. More than that, Fast X makes it clear that Little B has the potential to follow in the footsteps of his father, both in terms of driving abilities and moral code. Someday, he could eventually take over the franchise.

5 Fast X Sets Up Dante To Be The Franchise’s Final Big Bad

Dante being held back with a gun in Fast X

Leterier opts to end Fast X in a massive cliffhanger, leaving the fates of Dom and his “La Familia” in question. It’s safe to assume that most, if not all of them survive and return in its direct sequel. Regardless, however, of who is left, Dom’s adversary remains the same — Dante and his followers. Depending on how Universal is planning the Fast & Furious 12, he could very well be The Fast Saga’s final trilogy main villain, which makes sense since Cipher is now somewhat of an ally.

4 Fast X Sets Up Mr. Nobody’s Return

Fast and Furious Mr. Nobody

Between the return of Little Nobody and the introduction of Brie Larson’s Tess, Fast X is heavily hinting at Mr. Nobody’s eventual return. Not much has been revealed about his whereabouts, and it seems like even the people closest to him are unaware of what he’s up to. Considering how much time is devoted to setting up this burgeoning mystery, it will probably play a role in what comes next for The Fast Saga.

3 Fast X Sets Up The Cipher’s Reported Spin-off Film

Cipher laying and laughing in Fast X-1

Cipher has been a recurring villain in The Fast Saga since The Fate of the Furious, but she changes her role in Fast X by becoming an ally. Granted that her decision to team up with Dom and “La Familia” comes from necessity, spending more time with Letty after escaping prison can ultimately redeem her. More than that, however, her mysterious ties to Giselle may be the narrative opening for her reportedly in-development spin-off.

2 Fast X Sets Up The Fast Saga’s True To Message Finale

Vin Diesel being held by Rita Morena's character in the Fast X trailer

Much has been said about The Fast Saga outgrowing its original premise, both for better and worse. The franchise has now made a name for itself by staging ridiculous car stunts, and it has become one of its biggest assets. However, Fast X makes it clear that at the end of the day, it is staying to the franchise’s core, which has always been family. Dom and his “La Familia” aren’t trying to save the world or doing another heist, they are simply trying to protect each other from Dante, whose motivations are also rooted in family ties.

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1 Fast X Sets Up Dom’s Eventual Retirement

Dominic Toretto looking angry in Fast X while blended with his friends and family at a BBQ

The “La Familia” continues to be a tightly-knit group in Fast X. Despite being scattered throughout the film, they remain loyal to each other. That being said, running this operation doesn’t seem to be Dom’s priority anymore. That is effectively established in his early scenes with Little B and Letty. The fact that he is willing to stay behind while Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Han deal with the supposed job in Rome is an indication that he may be ready to retire from his old life and focus on his family. Whether he gets to live that quiet retirement is an entirely different question, however.

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