Some players have been sticking to the script and using the new Ultrahand ability for good in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but many others have unapologetically decided to use it for utter chaos, destruction, and death. Since this power allows Link to combine objects in any manner of his choosing – letting him create anything from a simple raft to complex machinery – the world has truly become his oyster (and Hyrule his giant testing site). Some players have been challenging themselves by trying to engineer the deadliest Ultrahand creations in Tears of the Kingdom, and so far there have been several sadistic successes.

Ultrahand isn’t the only new power that lets Link get in touch with his creative side. Fuse works similarly, though on a smaller scale, permitting players to create their own one-of-a-kind armaments by combining a weapon with another item. There are some genuinely useful Fuse combinations in Tears of the Kingdom, but Zelda fans have wasted no time in testing the limits of this ability as well. Some Fused weapons can be quite silly, but they ultimately don’t compare to the most powerful Ultrahand builds in TOTK, whose firepower and killing capabilities cannot be described as anything but ridiculous.

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10 Tom And Jerry-Style Traps

Though it’s not as flashy as other Ultrahand creations, a trap shared by Reddit user Youngstown_Mafia does the job in a way that’s hilariously uncalled-for. Using a beam of light, Link flashes and stuns a Bokoblin, stealing its weapon as it’s temporarily incapacitated. When it comes to, it’s furious and makes a beeline right for the protagonist, attacking a conveniently-placed stick in his path. This triggers a large box to fall right on top of its head, and in its final moments, the Bokoblin expresses utter confusion with a single question mark before being blown to bits alongside the contraption.

9 Heavy Duty Helicopter

Reddit user SkysOutThighsOut steps it up a notch with a slightly more dramatic and utilitarian helicopter build. The Apocalypse Now-esque video showcases Link piloting an attack helicopter, firing canons at a rather unfortunate structure below while he hovers safely in the sky. Starting a fire in Tears of the Kingdom has never been easier with the absolutely unnecessary, but hilariously powerful Ultrahand build.

8 Boss Power Washer

To some, power washing in real life may be satisfying, but it’s equally (if not more so) satisfying in the realm of TOTK. An extreme laser device, built by Oyff on Reddit, takes cleanliness to the next level as it obliterates an entire Black Hinox in just a few short seconds. In fact, the collection of Beam Emitters is so powerful that the boss barely has time to react before he’s wiped clean out of Hyrule.

7 Mobile Korok Power Washer

For enemies like the Black Hinox, the power washer may be one of the deadliest Ultrahand creations in Tears of the Kingdom, but players can give Koroks the same treatment with Reddit user mans_maker‘s own masterpiece. While the self-dubbed “mobile torture device” can’t actually kill these woodland creatures, it certainly has too much firepower for its own good, as the electrocution process doesn’t let up for quite some time. It may be overkill, but the torture machine on wheels isn’t out of the blue, since players have been doing horrible things to Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom since launch.

6 Bullying With A Bomber

Every player starts somewhere with their Ultrahand creations in TOTK, and superpixel_games on TikTok shows the progression of their own “Zelda warfare” in an amusing video. The builds start out small with a medieval siege weapon, slowly escalating all the way up to a fully-fledged bomber. Link wreaks needless havoc on what looks to be only two enemies below him, showcasing the effectiveness of the final machine in a needless, yet nonetheless comedic fashion.

5 Death Snake

Reddit user twolf201 protests against more advanced Hyrulean engineering, writing “Who needs fancy tanks when you can have DEATH SNAKE.” Indeed, the aptly named “Death Snake” is much less technologically sound, but for what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for tenfold in the fun factor. A frantically wriggling machine spouts flames and laser beams in a wide, random radius, with not even Link being safe from its wrath. Being a danger to both players and their opposition, the “Death Snake” is one of the deadliest Ultrahand builds in Tears of the Kingdom.

4 Korok Roaster

While there are some powerful recipes in Tears of the Kingdom that might serve the protagonist better, Oyff on Reddit seems to have a taste for a dish that’s slightly more ruthless and considerably more well-done. The video shows Link roasting a number of Koroks at close range with Flame Emitter devices as they spin helplessly on a vertical skewer stick. Oyff appropriately names the invention the “Korok kabab,” though it’s unlikely that there will be any Koroks left uncharred after they’re through.

3 World’s Most Dangerous Spinning Top

ThePocketWatchKiller on Reddit takes an innocent child’s toy and turns it into one of the deadliest Ultrahand creations in Tears of the Kingdom. With a design like a spinning top, but with enough fire and lasers to completely annihilate a Bokoblin camp within seconds, the “spinning top of death” is an elegant tool of mass destruction. All Link needs to do is sit back, relax, and let an oversized toy do the hard work for him.

2 Massive Mech

No doubt one of the coolest Ultrahand builds comes from TikTok user soulbanana0, who has managed to build a giant mech in TOTK. The massive robotic structure isn’t just for looks though; with fully-functional steering and both laser and fire-based artillery, the mech is optimized and ready for battle. It’s a machine that Link will surely want to use with Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom, due to the undoubtedly complex assembly process. Twitter user Okami13_ makes a joke about its advanced nature, writing “New Armored Core 6 gameplay looking great!

1 Ground + Air Dropship Attack Drone

The deadliest Ultrahand creation in TOTK belongs to Twitter user RinHara5aki, who has dubbed an absurdly powerful invention as the “ground+air dropship attack drone.” Link doesn’t even have to lift a finger as the incredible build incinerates a Bokoblin camp beneath him, with the ground drone and the air drone somehow working in unison to cause unparalleled destruction.

RinHara5aki even states that it’s “v2.0” of the drone duo. If that is the case, all of Hyrule (even Ganondorf himself) should be shaking in fear of what v3.0 might look like. After all, with the two separate machines managing to synchronize their dramatic entrance as well as their laser and flame attacks, it’s hands-down the deadliest Ultrahand creation in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomso far.

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