Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Succession season 4, episode 9!

Succession is finally coming to a close, and here are 10 things I think will happen in the series finale. Succession has a lot to wrap up in its final episodes, as many of season 4’s biggest storylines are still a long way from being resolved. However, Succession season 4’s extra-long finale will undoubtedly wrap all of these arcs up in a fashion as tense and exciting as previous Succession season finales. With the explosive Succession ending almost here, there are 10 major things I expect to happen in the show’s final episode.


Succession season 4 is the last season of HBO’s beloved comedy-drama, with it concluding the story of the Roy family and their time at Waystar Royco. Even compared to the incredible previous seasons, Succession season 4 has already been a wild ride, with it exploring GoJo’s buyout of Waystar Royco, the fallout of Shiv and Tom’s relationship, and even the death of Waystar CEO Logan Roy. Succession season 4, episode 9 finally put all the pieces into place for the show’s conclusive final episode, with the Succession series finale undoubtedly containing all kinds of twists, turns, and reveals.

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Kendall & Roman Will Try To Use The Board To Stop GoJo (& Fail)

Willa, Connor, Roman, Kendall, and Shiv at Logan's funeral in Succession season 4

The ending of Succession season 4, episode 9 sees Kendall and Roman devise a new plan to stop GoJo’s buyout of Waystar Royco. The co-CEOs intend to appeal to Waystar Royco’s Board of Directors, hopefully convincing them to stop the GoJo deal from happening. However, it seems likely that this will fail. Although Kendall and Roman have reason to want to stop the deal, the Board of Directors most likely knows that letting GoJo buy them out is the best move for the company. So, unless the Roy brothers manage to pull off a miracle, it’s probable that their final plan will fail.

Lukas Matsson Will Become The New Owner Of Waystar Royco

Alexander Skarsgård as Lukas Matsson in Succession season 4 episode 7

If Kendall and Roman’s plan does fail, that means that GoJo will buy Waystar Royco, making Lukas Matsson the CEO. Succession season 4 has proven time and time again that the Roy siblings aren’t fit to run the company, meaning that the ending wouldn’t work if Kendall and Roman stayed in power. Matsson’s buyout of GoJo seems inevitable, meaning that Succession will probably end with him taking over the company, putting him in the position that Logan Roy was in up until his death.

ATN‘s Election Call Will Come Back To Bite Waystar Royco

Roman Succession season 4

Succession season 4, episode 8 sees ATN jump the gun in calling the presidential election for Jeryd Mencken, and it will come back to bite Waystar Royco in the series finale. Roman and Tom were warned that ATN could face serious litigation if the election is overturned, not to mention the public perception of the company plummeting. This setup hasn’t paid off yet, meaning that the results of the presidential election will probably play into the series finale, possibly bringing Waystar Royco down right at the end of Succession.

Cousin Greg Will End Just As Badly As The Rest Of The Roys

succession - cousin greg

Early in Succession season 1, Cousin Greg was the black sheep of the family, with him being the one redeemable character. However, as Greg has climbed the corporate ladder throughout Succession‘s four seasons, he has become just as bad as the rest of the Roys. Greg has fired huge swaths of employees, lied, blackmailed, and more. Due to how bad Greg has gotten, it’d be impossible to give a last-minute redemption to the character. Because of this, it seems that the Succession series finale will conclude Cousin Greg’s tragic downfall without redeeming him.

Shiv & Tom Won’t End Up Together

Tom and Shiv at the Tailgate party in Succession season 4

Although Shiv and Tom started Succession in a happy relationship, things took a turn for the worse in season 3, and things have gotten even more horrendous for the former couple in Succession season 4. Their constant bickering has gotten more heated in the latter half of the season, and while there have been moments where they seem happy, these are far outweighed by the bad ones. While Shiv’s pregnancy could lead to the two overcoming their differences and getting back together, it seems far more likely that Shiv and Tom won’t end up together in Succession‘s series finale.

Tom Will Lose His Job At ATN

Tom and Nate at Tom and Shiv's wedding in Succession season 1

Things just keep getting worse for Tom, as it also seems like he will lose his job at ATN in the Succession series finale. In Succession season 4, episode 8, Matsson and Shiv begin spreading rumors that Tom will depart from ATN soon, to Tom’s surprise. Matsson is probably doing this in order to set up Tom’s firing once GoJo buys Waystar Royco, with ATN’s new parent company wanting to take the conservative news network in a different direction. With that comes big leadership changes, meaning that Tom will probably be out at ATN.

The Kerry Pregnancy Theories Won’t Come True

Kerry News Anchor Succession

Throughout Succession season 4, viewers have speculated that Logan Roy got Kerry pregnant before his death. While this has been implied, it probably won’t be confirmed in the Succession season finale. There simply isn’t enough time left in the show to warrant the introduction of this storyline, meaning that Kerry’s pregnancy will probably remain a theory after the finale.

Nobody Will Die In The Succession Season 4 Finale

Kendall Roy speaking about Living+ in Succession Season 4 Episode 6

Kendall’s death has been highly speculated about throughout Succession season 4, but it seems like nobody will die in the finale. Kendall has been doing better than he was at the beginning of the season, and it just doesn’t seem like Succession is setting up his death. Having another character die would seem out of nowhere, meaning that probably won’t happen either. Logan Roy’s episode 3 death has filled season 4’s death quota, meaning that nobody else needs to die in the finale.

Shiv Will Win While Kendall & Roman Will Lose

Shiv, Roman, and Kendall Roy in Succession season 4

Succession has been a competition between the Roy siblings, and the season finale will most likely end with Shiv winning while Kendall and Roman lose. If Matsson’s plan goes through (which seems likely), he will appoint Shiv as the CEO of Waystar Royco’s American branches. On the other hand, Kendall and Roman will be ousted from their co-CEO positions, meaning that Shiv will be on top at the end of the Succession series finale.

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The Roys Will End Succession More Divided Than Ever

Connor, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman at Logan's funeral in Succession season 4

The Roy siblings have never been particularly close, but by the end of Succession, they will be more divided than ever. Kendall and Roman are already spiteful towards Shiv due to her collusion with Matsson, meaning that their relationship is a lost cause. However, Kendall and Roman’s differing politics and corporate opinions are already driving a wedge between them, and if the ATN presidential decision becomes controversial, the brothers’ relationship will become even more strained. Although it’d be nice to see everyone end up happy, I think that the Roy siblings will be torn apart at the end of Succession.

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