Succession season 4, episode 9 reintroduced a variety of characters seen throughout previous seasons. The 73-minute penultimate episode of Succession, titled “Church and State,” depicted the long-awaited funeral service of the late Logan Roy. In true Succession fashion, nothing went according to plan and the service became the stomping ground for political motivations and behind-the-back business arrangements.

Logan’s funeral created an opportunity for several unexpected guest appearances. In fact, the number of characters present in Succession season 4, episode 9 marked one of the largest ensemble casts ever brought together in the show’s lifetime. And with only one episode of Succession remaining, it’s all but guaranteed that this will be the last time several of them will appear. Here are ten characters who showed up at the funeral in Succession season 4, episode 9.

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10 Marcia Roy

Marcia lectures Kendall in Succession

Logan’s third wife, Marcia Roy was married to him when the series began. Appearing consistently in the show’s first two seasons, she was an important aid to Logan while he recovered from poor health. Marcia briefly appeared throughout Succession season 3 and returned in season 4 after Logan’s death. Marcia last appeared in Succession season 4, episode 4 titled “Honeymoon States.” She explained to Kendall, Roman, and Shiv that she and Logan were still very close despite their falling out and continued to speak every day.

9 Lady Caroline Collingwood

Caroline talks to Shiv outside in Succession.

Lady Caroline Collingwood attended Logan’s funeral, marking her first appearance in Succession season 4. She was last seen in season 3, episode 9 titled “All the Bells Say.” Lady Caroline is the biological mother of Kendall, Roman, and Shiv, who described her as heartless in the funeral episode. She last spoke to her children after agreeing with Logan to override a stipulation of their divorce agreement that would have given Kendall, Roman, and Shiv control of Waystar. Logan’s funeral was the first time Caroline has had to face her children since she betrayed them.

8 Peter Munion

Peter and Caroline getting married in Succession

Although they didn’t know each other well, Peter Munion attended Logan’s funeral. In Succession, Peter is Lady Caroline’s slippery husband and a person seemingly more excited about rubbing shoulders with American senators than paying respects to Logan. Prior to the funeral, Peter had only been featured in two episodes of Succession, one of which being the story where he married Lady Caroline. Peter makes an uncomfortably tone-deaf joke once he sees Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, saying “Daddy’s home,” as if he had any relationship with them at all. Peter’s comment was arguably Succession season 4, episode 9’s biggest cringeworthy moment.

7 Sandi Furness

Sandy sitting on a wheelchair while Sandi sits on a sofa in Succession

Sandi Furness was spotted at Logan’s funeral but had no speaking lines. Sandi previously appeared in Succession season 3 and parts of season 4 alongside her father Sandy Furness. Sandi first appeared in Succession season 3, episode 5 titled “Retired Janitors of Idaho.” She and Shiv made a deal that would ensure both of them got executive board seats at Waystar, infuriating Logan. Sandi appeared later in season 4, episode 2 to briefly discuss Waystar’s strategy in attempting to get more money from the Gojo deal.

6 Sandy Furness

Sandy Furness from Succession wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a checkered sport coat, smiling.

Sandy Furness was one of Logan’s fiercest rivals throughout his career. He suffered from a serious health issue that incapacitated him and allowed his daughter Sandi to make his executive decisions. In previous seasons of Succession, Sandy had plotted to take control of Waystar by employing Stewy to make a deal with the vulnerable, drug-addicted Kendall. In Succession episode 4, season 9, Sandy is just an observant spectator paying respects to one of his greatest business foes.

5 Marianne Hirsh (Greg’s Mom)

Marianne talking on the phone in front of a lamp on Succession

Marianne Hirsh, better known as Greg’s mom, hasn’t appeared in Succession since the first two episodes in season 1. Her presence at Logan’s funeral marked the biggest character callback in the entire series. Greg often called his mom for advice in the early episodes of Succession season 1 until Tom took him under his wing. Marianne sat with Greg at Logan’s funeral but does not have any significance in Succession season 4, episode 9 other than her attendance.

4 Sally Anne

Sally Anne in Succession

Sally Anne made her first appearance on Succession at Logan’s funeral. Sally Anne was Logan’s other mistress before he met Marcia or Kerry. She was introduced by Caroline to Marcia as “her Kerry” with the intention that Marcia could show some sympathy towards Kerry for the sake of the funeral service. Sally-Anne was played by Brian Cox’s actual wife who is also an actor. She sat in the front row at the funeral alongside Caroline, Marcia, and Kerry in a brief moment of positivity shared between four women who all knew Logan on an intimate level.

3 Colin

Colin in Succesion

Colin had appeared in 34 episodes of Succession before season 4, episode 9 as Logan’s loyal bodyguard. Colin was never given much of a character arc throughout Succession’s four seasons, but his silent yet dutiful presence embodied the relationship he had with Logan. Logan often had small talks with Colin and enjoyed his company. Logan even called Colin his best pal in season 4, episode 1. Colin arguably knew Logan better than any of his children or subordinates ever did.

2 Kerry

Kerry News Anchor Succession

Kerry attended Logan’s funeral despite her being essentially shunned from the Roy inner circle after her death. Kerry had been on the plane when Logan died in Succession season 4, episode 3. She returned later in season 4, episode 4 attempting to collect some personal items from Logan’s bedroom but was prevented by Marcia from doing so. Kerry arrived at the funeral with a lawyer because she was nervous that she wouldn’t be allowed into the service. Kerry notoriously appeared earlier in season 4 failing to make a convincing news anchor at ATN.

1 Ewan Roy

Ewan talks with Logan Roy in a scene from Succession.

Ewan Roy hadn’t appeared in Succession since season 3, episode 5, but his return brought about what may have been the most powerful moment of Logan’s funeral. Ewan and Logan had always butted heads on moral principles and personal convictions, but nothing could prevent Ewan from speaking his mind in Succession season 4, episode 9. Although the two brothers were somewhat estranged, Ewan made it clear that he loved his brother despite their differences. Ewan’s return revealed new details about Logan Roy’s backstory that only a close sibling could have known in Succession.

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