The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 Tell-All part 2 episode had the most jaw-dropping revelations. With one episode remaining until the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off reaches its conclusion, the deepest and darkest secrets about the cast members were exposed at the reunion. So far, Debbie Aguero and Oussama Berber’s relationship was explored, and it appears Debbie has no plans of getting back together with him.

In the episode, Gabriel Paboga and Isabel Posada’s married life was also discussed. While they do look like a happy couple, Isabel is a jealous wife who is seemingly controlling Gabe in the marriage. Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh want marriage, but that would mean Rishi has to go against his family’s wishes. Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera’s marriage is over for good, with both claiming they are now single.



10 Mahmoud Walks Out Of The Tell-All Once Again

90 Day Fiance's Gabe Paboga and Mahmoud El Sherbiny looking serious

Gabe asked Mahmoud about what would happen if his child doesn’t want to be Muslim, and also accused Mahmoud of being controlling with Nicole behind closed doors. Mahmoud walked out of the Tell-All by saying he was “done.” An emotional Nicole admitted Mahmoud walking away during arguments was a “great challenge,” but maintained her husband was a good person. Nicole was asked to check on Mahmoud, however, he continued spitting expletives saying it wasn’t Gabe’s business to ask him about his future children. “I’m sorry honey I can’t control what comes out of other people’s mouths,” Nicole said.

This further triggered Mahmoud, who decided he would return to teach Gabe a lesson. Nicole was still backstage when Mahmoud went back to the set and exclaimed, “I want to see this ******* as***** want,” and Gabe knew he was being addressed. Upon realizing Nicole was still backstage and crying, Mahmoud exited the stage again, while Debbie felt like Nicole was in need of a hug. Nicole wished for both Gabe and Mahmoud to try to accept each other, which is when Mahmoud agreed to continue filming. “I want to apologize I’m sorry,” said Gabe, who explained he asked because his own dad is Muslim, and Mahmoud apologized to everyone.

9 Trey Claims Isabel Has Put Gabe On A Leash

Gabe Paboga & Isabel Posada 90 day fiance montage smiling

Isabel didn’t want Gabe to be spending time with playboy Trey in Colombia. Trey was invited to the Tell-All, as an older scene between the three of them was played on screen in which Gabe comments, “Her jealousy is really frustrating at this point. It’s like, let me be free.” This made Isabel say, “If being free is going out with lots of women, then maybe we can both be free.Gabe said he wants Isabel to trust him more, but Trey took the opportunity to add, “I think she just needs to lighten up the leash a little,” while confirming that he and Gabe don’t hang out anywhere outside of Isabel’s supervision.

8 Jen Reveals She’s Back Together With Rishi

90 Day Fiancé The Other Way season 4 stars Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh embracing

Jen spoke about how she and Rishi had been “talking” when interrogated during the Tell-All parts 1 and 2, and confirmed that they were back together. She revealed she was invited to a mutual friend’s wedding in India and Rishi was also there. “There was something else I think in store for us and we reconnected while I was there,” she added. Rishi and Jen spent a lot of time together after the wedding. “We love each other but we’re in this situation where he’s a mama’s boy,” said Jen, who maintained they didn’t get engaged again after the split, but Rishi called her his fiance.

7 Rishi Tells His Mother He Will Marry Jen

Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way montage jen making a funny face rishi looking serious

Jen, Debbie, and Gabe agreed that Rishi talks in circles to avoid answering questions. Rishi couldn’t tell who was more important to him, his family or Jen. He lied about his mom knowing they were “engaged” again. When Rishi’s mom and his uncle showed up at the Tell-All, Rishi’s mom refused to accept that her son and Jen were engaged. Rishi was pushed by Shaun and his co-stars to tell his mom about the engagement and that he and Jen want to get married. “I am saying that whether you give me permission or not, I am going to marry her,” Rishi told his mom eventually.

6 Rishi’s Mother Insults Jen By Age-Shaming Her

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4's Jen looking exasperated and Rishi smiling

Rishi told his mom that he will marry Jen within six months or a year, yet his mother refused to give her permission. Rishi’s mother agreed to the wedding in an earlier episode when Jen broke the engagement news to her. But Rishi’s mother and uncle put their foot down when they found out Jen was 16 years older than him. Rishi’s mother is okay with he and Jen being friends. However, she was asked to speak directly to Jen when she said, “If you were a year or 6 months apart we would have said ‘yes’ but we were surprised to hear about your age.” A hurt Jen added, “I’m not gonna be age shamed.

5 Debbie Reveals Her Last Intimate Encounter Was 14 Years Ago

Side by side images of Debbie Aguero from 90 Day Fiancé different modds

One of the segments of the Tell-All showed clips of the couples discussing their sex life, and Pillow Talk couples reacting to the scenes. Jen was shown saying, “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free,” while Gabe and Isabel discussed his penis, and Yohan Geronimo compared his size with Daniele Gates’ ex-boyfriend, Taylen Alexander. Debbie confessed she wasn’t flattered by Yohan comparing sizes, and thought he would always be known as “the guy with the big dig dong.” Debbie herself admitted she’s “not attracted physically to young men at all,” and the last time she was in an intimate relationship was “maybe 14 years ago” because it’s something to be “treasured.”

4 Gabe Reveals New Details About His Trans Surgery

Gabe explained the details of his surgery, saying his ejaculation is the “same as like female ejaculation,” and that his penis is “always rigid.” He shared the clitoris grows bigger after one starts taking testosterone. Skin from Gabe’s thigh was taken and rolled “in a penis-size .” He added that the nerves from his clitoris were connected and rerouted because of which he has “erotic sensation, tactile” and can also feel “hot and cold.” Gabe also shared that his penis is “custom sized” because he got to “pick” his size. It took about three weeks for him to be able to walk properly, and he had a catheter in for over nine months when he was unable to urinate.

3 Kris Claims She’s Given Jeymi Over $10,000

Kris had an issue with Jeymi choosing an apartment where the rent was $150 more than the budget that they had decided. “I fell in love with a scam,” Jeymi reacted, as she called the situation “absurd.” Kris claimed she was working day and night to pay Jeymi’s bills. “I only ever received one payment, and I have proof,” said Jeymi. Kris admitted there was “only one payment” made from her bank, but the rest of the money was sent to Jeymi through Kris’ mom. “In total on the whole relationship about 10 grand,” said Kris, explaining that this includes the expenses for the things they did together while Kris was in Colombia.

2 Kris Reveals She “Could Have Died” In Accident After Jeymi Cheated On Her

Jeymi Kris 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way montage

Jeymi insisted that Kris only spent about $1,150 on her “more or less.” The subject changed as Kris started to accuse Jeymi of cheating on her again and again. Kris claimed Jeymi had lied when she claimed she didn’t know about Kris’ health issues and said, “When I found out she was cheating on me for the second time, I left work mad and upset and I flipped my car, I rolled my car and she was terrified because she knew I could have died because of my health injuries.

1 Jeymi Announces Kris Cheated On Her With An Ex-Boyfriend

90 Day Fiance's Jeymi Noguera & Kris Foster crying

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 Tell-All part 2 ended with Jeymi dropping a bombshell. Kris exposed Jeymi by showing screenshots between Jeymi and the woman she was chatting with. Jeymi insisted she started talking to a new woman because Kris disappeared on her for 20 days, so she decided to move on. To make things even, Jeymi revealed that after Kris’ ex-boyfriend was sending her photos of “her naked, having sex, etc.,” Jeymi promised to show the “pictures” to the cast members, which probably will be something discussed in part 3.

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