When Jewish Matchmaking season 1 cast member Dani Bergman was introduced onscreen, she made a first great impression, but there are some valid reasons why she didn’t find her perfect partner on the Netflix series. Unfortunately, the brunette with the bold personality couldn’t form a really strong connection with her dates, despite the best efforts of the show’s matchmaking queen, Aleeza Ben Shalom. However, that doesn’t mean that Dani’s sitting around moping – that’s just not her style.

In the vein of another fantastic Netflix series, Indian Matchmaking, Jewish Matchmaking takes viewers on an interesting ride, which includes an array of exciting elements, such as gorgeous locations, attractive cast members, and compelling information about culture and heritage. Both shows offer an intoxicating blend of romance and time-honored tradition. However, some Jewish Matchmaking cast members are less traditional than others, and Dani’s one of them. She’s into making the scene, even on Friday nights and Saturdays.



10 Dani Bergman Is A Leo (She Wants Royal Treatment)

Born in early August, as per Dani‘s Instagram, this fledgling reality star definitely fits the characteristics of her Leo Sun sign. Like most Leos, she’s extroverted, active, and proud. It’s the latter trait that may have stopped her from connecting with her first date, David Behar, who founded the Miami Sephardic Club. When David got flaky, refusing to make plans (he wanted her to make them instead), her ego took a hit, and she was visibly angry. He added insult to injury when he didn’t make it to her birthday party. Although he logically explained that he didn’t attend because the bash was held on Shabbat, the damage was done.

With her next match, Shaun Civin, things seemed better at first. Like Dani, he has enviable hair and eyebrows. She seemed to appreciate his looks, which doesn’t hurt. However, he’s based in Hawaii, and the Leo in Dani definitely rebelled against the idea of a long-distance relationship. A Leo can’t really get enough attention unless their partner is right there beside them, catering to their every need.

What the glam and outgoing Dani needs is someone who lets her be the star. When she finds a partner who will take second place, she’ll probably enjoy that dynamic. When a Leo gets the affection they crave, they positively purr. However, some people just aren’t willing to take a backseat this way. That may be why Dani’s status is still “single,” not that there’s anything wrong with that. There definitely isn’t.

9 Dani Bergman Is Into Her Career

Dani founded a digital advertising agency back in 2018, and she helps clients to achieve their business goals online. At 1084 Media, as per Dani‘s LinkedIn, she assists them with establishing strong brands on social media platforms. She used to work for a company, helping with ad campaigns, but now she’s her own boss. Since she’s busy with her job, she may not have a lot of time to devote to her love life.

It’s hard to find balance, and sometimes, romance isn’t a top priority. While finding the right partner seems like a definite goal of Dani’s, she has other stuff she cares about. Basically, she’s got stuff to do. Plus, she’s a reality star, which is quite a feather in the entrepreneur’s cap. That has opened so many doors already, and may open even more. For example, she’s currently selling hats, and Dani‘s probably sold at least a few to Jewish Matchmaking fans. Her hat brand is Hectic Hats.

8 Jewish Matchmaking’s Dani Likes Group Activities

On Jewish Matchmaking, Dani said that she loves to make plans with her love interests, but she also enjoys doing things with her friends. She’s not an introvert who recharges by spending time alone. On her IG feed, she’s at a lot of events, or hanging out on the slopes with her pals, as seen above. It’s natural for her to be with her posse. While that’s amazing in its own way, she may find it hard to change lanes, and put a lot of focus on her partner. Her ideal match will probably need to enjoy spending time with her friends, or else.

7 Dani Bergman Has A Temper

There’s no judgment here, as some people are fiery, and they do get mad. Everyone is different, but Dani stood out on Jewish Matchmaking because she was actually willing to lose her temper, even if she didn’t yell or anything like that. She made her displeasure crystal clear. Dani didn’t cloak her feelings because the cameras were rolling.

Honestly, all of that was refreshing, but her date David, who was the target of her ire (which was discussed previously in this article) may not have been ready for the fireworks. His sins weren’t that great, so she might potentially get much angrier with a partner who did something really serious. Some people like a little fire and temper, while others don’t. Dani needs a partner who appreciates her emotional honesty. Ideally, the person should be as upfront as she is, or conversely, a lot mellower. Either option might create a positive dynamic in the relationship.

6 Dani May Go For “Bad Boy” Types

Sometimes, a person has a type, and it’s just so hard to change. Miami, Florida-based Dani did state onscreen that she’d dated “bad boys” in the past, and although she’s surely fully aware of the drawbacks, she may not feel totally happy with another type. While the mature approach would be looking for a different type, to get a different outcome, in real life, it doesn’t always work that way. Attraction is mysterious. If Dani continues dating these sorts of guys, her chances of long-term relationship success will dramatically plummet. As seen above, Dani is into loving herself. However, her preferred type may be holding her back.

5 Dani Applied For Jewish Matchmaking “Just For Fun”

Dani stands out, so it’s no surprise that she decided to become a star on Jewish Matchmaking. However, it’s easy to question her commitment to the show’s dating process. She might be chasing clout through her Netflix appearances, rather than authentically wanting to settle down. While there’s no way to say for sure what’s going on in her head, without actually asking her, there are real advantages to reality fame (along with the inevitable downside). With that in mind, it is possible that she had an ulterior motive.

4 Dani Is All About Showcasing Her Independent Spirit

Independence is a beautiful thing. It’s about self-reliance and faith in oneself. However, too much independence can sometimes be a deterrent to forming a strong and lasting bond with another person. Dani‘s bold attitude is attractive, but she may not be ready to be vulnerable in a relationship. While she will show her feelings, which is vulnerability in a sense, she does not like to appear weak. She may prefer to roam, rather than staying in a relationship that keeps her from feeling totally in control of her life. Unfortunately, with romance, there will always be times when a person is off-balance. There will always be moments of weakness.

3 Dani Needs To Learn To Forgive

Love is an endless process of forgiveness. It could be argued that people forgive to the extent to which they love. When they stop loving the person, they may stop forgiving them. However, in Dani’s case, a little forgiveness could go a long way. More forgiveness might have prevented Dani from having such an awkward argument with David on the show. They weren’t a happy Jewish Matchmaking couple.

In future relationships, a softer approach might be beneficial. Still, it’s easy to admire Dani‘s ability to express herself, and her unwillingness to put up with treatment that doesn’t make her feel good inside. While she celebrates, “International Dani Day,” as seen above, in relationships, it’s also about the other person.

2 Is Dani A Stealth Jewish Matchmaking Villain?

Dani showed a little attitude on Jewish Matchmaking, while most of the other cast members had milder personas. Is she proud to be a little bit bad? She could be, as Dani‘s post above shows. Her strength really comes through, but the gentler aspects of her personality aren’t as prominent. Balancing out boldness with gentleness could help her find a long-term partner, if that’s truly important to her. Based on Instagram, which admittedly doesn’t always tell the whole story (and maybe never does), she seems pretty happy with her life.

1 Dani Bergman May Not Care What A Partner Thinks

She’s kind of a wild card, and she’s a bit of a joker. Does Dani even really care what her love interests think? Sometimes, she might, but her very strong sense of self may mean that she’s not as sensitive to a partner’s opinion as she should be. She does her own thing, seems to love her life, and is quick to share her experiences online. This forthright and popular woman is a queen, and any potential partner better not forget it. She added spice to Jewish Matchmaking, and will hopefully reappear on Netflix someday. Single or partnered, she’s worth watching.

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