Players of Dungeons & Dragons have a plethora of modules to choose from when looking for their next adventure, and some are more unusual than others. While there are plenty that pit players against terrible evils to save the world, there are some that have creative and novel takes on traditional fantasy adventures. One of DnD‘s greatest strengths is that its storytelling can cover multiple genres.

While the classic DnD campaign setting is a medieval fantasy world, there are many other adventures that use elements and settings from other places, such as gothic horror or science fiction. From maps and monsters to exciting storylines and scenarios, adventure modules contain everything players, and DMs need to get started. Whether a group are long-term players looking for something different or new players exploring what DnD has to offer, here are some of the more unusual adventures to try.

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10 High Level D&D Challenge In The Planet Of Tarrasques

Two giant Tarrasques breath fire as they destroy a city

Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques is an utterly over-the-top adventure for high-level players, ideally level 20, written as a short one-shot. Found on DMsGuild by James Introcaso, this module is exactly what it sounds like, an invasion of an entire planet’s worth of tarrasques. The adventure is divided into three chapters, but the whole module can be completed in one night as a one-shot DnD game.

This is a DnD module that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and players are encouraged to enjoy the chaos. Written as a fun endpoint for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, the adventure does assume that players will be familiar with the events of those campaigns or at least the city of Waterdeep and its factions. However, there is room to move the fun to another city with little trouble. Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques asks the question no one knew they needed the answer to: what if Halaster Blackcloak had an army of tarrasques?

9 The Last Gods Has An Intriguing Premise For Its D&D Adventure

Duel image of a grim reaper reaching out towards the viewer

The Last Gods is a fantastic stand-alone adventure module that could be slotted into any existing DnD campaign setting, homebrew or run as a one-shot. Written by Kevin Wilson, The Last Gods can be found on DriveThruRPG and is aimed at mid-level players between levels nine and 12. What really makes The Last Gods stand out is its premise that immediately intrigues and then later could have long-lasting consequences for the world.

Players are approached by a figure claiming to be from the future who asks them to kill the present today version of him to save reality itself. Early in The Last Gods, there is a section where player characters swap bodies which depending on the group, could be hilarious or terrible. The Last Gods is a very interesting adventure where players must solve puzzles and is packed with strange lore that can be incorporated into DnD settings or homebrew.

8 Time Loop Fun With D&D’s Pudding Faire

A grumpy looking girl feeds a goat a turnip while a man hold onto it. On the mans back a younger girl waves happily as a man laughs in the background.

What happens when someone crosses Groundhog Day with DnD? The answer is Pudding Faire, available on DMsGuild by Will Doyle, Shawn Merwin, and Condy Moore. In this short, low-level DnD module, players relive the same day over and over and must figure out what is causing it and how to stop the time loop.

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Pudding Faire is packed full of humor and overall has a nice light-hearted feel to the whole adventure. The module is very adaptable and works with DnD groups of all sizes, and is especially fun as a solo game. Pudding Faire is great fun, with lots for players to discover each time the day resets.

7 Step Through D&D’s Looking Glass In Dungeonland

A pair of giant bord talons grab two adventurers as their friends fight the giant bird in vain

Written in 1983 by Gary Gygax, Dungeonland is a DnD spin on the classic fantasy book by Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Here players fall down a tunnel instead of a rabbit hole and emerge in the strange world of Dungeonland. From there, the plot loosely follows the same journey as Alice and is great for any fans of the book.

Dungeonland can be downloaded on DriveThuRPG and works well in any setting. Players can simply find the tunnel, and with the ability to leave and return to Dungeonland at will, the module operates like an optional side quest. What makes Dungeonland fun, though, is the adaptations of classic Alice in Wonderland characters such as the March Hare, who is a lycanthrope or the Cheshire Cat, who is now a magical smilodon looking for DnD adventurers to eat.

6 Tomb Of Annihilation Feels Different To Other D&D Adventures

Tomb beings with terrifying opened mouth and skeletal king motif

Released back in 2017, Tomb of Annihilation is one of the best and more unusual official DnD adventures. Players are sent to the continent of Chult to find and stop whatever is causing a worldwide death curse. Sounds simple enough, but Tomb of Annihilation packs so much into one campaign without it ever feeling overloaded.

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Whether players are fans of dinosaurs, zombie apocalypses, or Indiana Jones, there will be something to please them in this adventure. Set in the dense jungles of Chult, Tomb of Annihilation has a different tone and feel than many other official DnD adventures. Tomb of Annihilation has a little something for everyone, setting the players a firm deadline for their quest as every day they spend exploring, more people die and bringing back enemies from the first edition adventure Tomb of Horrors, known as DnD’s ultimate challenge.

5 Journey Through An Evil D&D Funhouse In The Madhouse Of Tasha’s Kiss

Close up of a female harlequin with jet black eyes, horns and sharpened teeth

Written by Jeff C. Stevens and Remley Farr, The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss is a self-contained adventure filled with chaos and new monsters. Available on DMsGuild, this module sends players to investigate a mysteriously empty village. What unfolds is a fantastic horror-themed DnD dungeon filled with suspense and terrifying characters.

The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss is easily scaleable for different levels and works well from third level right through to level 10. The module has players rolling madness saves and features a handy madness tracker so players can keep an eye on their character’s current state. The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss is a literal funhouse DnD dungeon that is exceptionally creepy.

4 The Wild Sheep Chase Offers Light Hearted D&D Fun

A Dungeons & Dragons character stares in horror as a floating sheep approaches him

For those looking for something a little lighter, The Wild Sheep Chase is a hilarious stand-alone module by Richard Jansen-Parkes. Found on DMsGuild, The Wild Sheep Chase is a perfect one-shot for people new to DnD or new DMs. The story is simple without feeling barebones, and this wonderfully silly adventure can be run in a single session for level four or five players.

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In the beginning, players are tracked down by a sheep who immediately gives them a scroll of Speak with Animals and explains their troubles. After that, the fun begins with lots to uncover, multiple endings, and tons of sheep puns. Packed with puzzles and memorable NPCs, The Wild Sheep Chase is a wonderfully unusual take on a DnD adventure.

3 Journey Into Orbit With D&D’s Rise Of The Mimic Moon

A huge moon with rows of sharp teeth bears down on a burning village

Mimics are one of DnD‘s most well-known and recognizable monsters. Rise of the Mimic Moon is an insane adventure by Brian Siskind and sold by Kolbold Press that sees a planet-sized mimic attacking the world. The adventure is written for the Midgard setting but could easily be adapted to any other official DnD campaign setting or homebrew world.

Players will have to fight new kinds of mimics, travel to the mimic moon itself, and try to stop the potential apocalypse. Rise of the Mimic Moon is just as crazy as it sounds, with a great mixture of fantasy and sci-fi elements. This DnD adventure can be run as a full campaign with the story outlined for levels one through to level 12.

2 Rise Of The Redscales Is A Funny D&D Party Twist

Dungeons & Dragons Interesting Character Flaws Icewind Dale Three Kobolds in a Coat

For an adventure where the players are not the typical good guys, then look no further than Rise of the Redscales. Written by Ivan Atanasov and available on DMsGuild, Rise of the Redscales has the players form a DnD party with all kobold characters set to take on a rival kobold team. This adventure is a really clever and funny premise, and it’s easy for sessions to get a little chaotic.

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In Rise of the Redscales, DnD players are the Redscale kobold tribe who serve their Dragon Queen faithfully. However, the Dragon Queen has been gone for a while and left to their own devices the Redscales have rekindled their war with the Bluescale kobold tribe. Players will have to battle within a trap-filled dragon’s lair that is filled with magic items but be warned, the Bluescale enemies also have access to these magical treasures.

1 Sci-Fi Twist On Classic D&D In Expedition To The Barrier Peaks

Two warriors and a wizard fight a strange alien tentacle monster

Written by Gary Gygax in 1980, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is one of the best first-edition DnD campaign modules. Using a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, this adventure is a great twist on the classic dungeon crawl as players find themselves inside a downed spaceship. The original can be found on DriveThruRPG, and there are plenty of resources available for DMs looking to convert this classic module into fifth edition.

In Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, players are asked to investigate a strange cave that they will discover is actually the crashed spaceship. Inside are plenty of classic sci-fi enemies like robots, along with blasters and powerful armor. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is one of the most unusual and quirky Dungeons & Dragons modules and is still a challenge for even seasoned players.

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