• Characters like General Mattias and Queen Iduna should make a return in Frozen 3 to further explore their stories and relationships with Anna and Elsa.
  • Honeymaren and Elsa’s friendship, and the potential romance between them, could be resolved in Frozen 3, addressing Elsa’s speculated queer status.
  • The Duke of Weselton and Prince Hans may make a comeback as potential antagonists, creating new conflicts for Anna and Elsa to face in the third installment.

A few characters have already been confirmed to return in Frozen 3, but there are others from the first two movies that should make an appearance as well. Of course, the third installment in the Disney franchise would be impossible without the likes of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf, but they’ve met others throughout their adventures that are nearly as important. Additionally, characters from the past, such as Arendelle’s royal family, have been pivotal to the plot of Frozen and Frozen 2 through various flashbacks and should therefore continue to be a part of Anna and Elsa’s story in the future.

The sequel Frozen 3 is expected to release sometime in 2025. It will continue the story of the newly crowned queen of Arendelle, Anna, and her sister, who decided at the end of Frozen 2 to remain in the Enchanted Forest as the third spirit. There will be plenty here for the new film to explore since the relationship between these two sisters will likely change as they live apart for the first time. New conflicts are sure to develop, many of which could include some old familiar faces from the previous Frozen movies.

10 General Mattias

Frozen 2 Mattias and Anna

Captain Mattias (honored with the rank of General by the end of Frozen 2) had been a member of Prince Agnarr’s royal guard before the curse on the Enchanted Forest took hold. This meant he was separated from those he loved in Arendelle for thirty-four years. Despite this sad fate, Mattias was kind and easily likable, and he and Anna hit it off very well. As queen, it will be interesting to see how Anna’s character continues to work with her general and good friend—and that’s only possible if he is included in Frozen 3.

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9 Queen Iduna

Frozen deleted scene queen Iduna elsa powers

Though Queen Iduna died long before the events of Frozen 2, she became a pivotal character to the plot. As it turns out, she had been born in the Enchanted Forest to the Northuldean people, and her kindness and bravery in saving the Arendelle prince earned Elsa her powers. Still, there is a lot left unexplored about this character, which implies that Frozen 3 will continue her story through more flashbacks (just as the first two Frozen movies did).

8 King Agnarr

Frozen Parents Shipwreck King Agnarr Queen Iduna

King Agnarr is a difficult character to like in Frozen and Frozen 2. Though the horror he faced in the Enchanted Forest makes him sympathetic, the choices he made regarding Elsa’s powers resulted in him being something of an antagonist. He did the best he could, but separating Anna and Elsa and teaching his oldest daughter and heir to fear her powers was the wrong move. He even comes across as an abusive parent in Frozen, despite his daughters’ love for him. If he is included in Frozen 3, the plot may be able to redeem him and bring his rocky arch to a close.

7 Yelena


Yelena was the leader of Northuldra in Frozen 3. Fierce and protective, she is an excellent representation of the pressures of leadership. Her willingness to allow Anna and Elsa to help her people and the kindness she showed them spoke volumes about their character, but there is still so much that audiences could learn about her. With Elsa living permanently in the Enchanted Forest, Frozen 3 could be a great time to do precisely that. Additionally, it’s implied that the former queen of Arendelle will be something of a leader to life in the Enchanted Forest, which should create an interesting dynamic between Elsa and Yelena.

6 Honeymaren

Honeymaren talking to Elsa in Frozen 2

Frozen 2 saw a friendship blossom between Elsa and Honeymaren, and when reading between the lines, there seemed to be a potential romance here as well. Since the film’s release, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether Elsa could be queer—a status that fits right along with her “Let it Go” character arch. Still, Frozen 2 left the door open on this discussion, so it only makes sense for Frozen 3 to bring some resolution. Regardless of their relationship’s label, exploring Honeymaren and Elsa’s friendship will be interesting.

5 Ryder


Ryder is Honeymaren’s brother, and he seemed to hit it off with Kristoff in Frozen 2. They both had a deep understanding of reindeer and a near-magical ability to understand what they were thinking and speak for them. However, it’s unclear if these two have any actual powers and why someone from different nations would possess the same talent. If Ryder were in Frozen 3, it could allow audiences to understand Kristoff better—perhaps with a little dive into his own backstory (maybe his family is from Northuldra as well?).

4 The Duke Of Weselton

The Duke of Weselton, hilariously voiced by Disney’s frequent flyer Alan Tudyk, has not been seen since the first Frozen movie. He served as a secondary antagonist, determined to turn the kingdom of Arendelle against Elsa. Of course, in the end, he was barred from ever returning to Anna and Elsa’s home, and trade was ended with Weselton. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the years since have seen the duke’s resentment grow, and perhaps he will return with some nefarious plans to get even with the snow queen in Frozen 3.

3 Marshmallow


Just as Elsa magically gave life to Olaf, she created another snow monster in the first Frozen movie. Delightfully named “Marshmallow,” this giant snowman was initially tasked with kicking Anna out of Elsa’s ice castle, but he is later seen to be as gentle a soul as Olaf himself. Though Marshmallow had no major part to play in Frozen 2, he appeared in an after-credits scene in which Olaf explained why he and Elsa’s other snow creations had melted and returned to life earlier in the film. A similar cameo in Frozen 3 would be just as delightful.

2 Pabbie & The Trolls

Frozen Trolls (1)

Pabbie and the rock trolls were responsible for healing Anna after she was first struck by Elsa’s powers—the same night, they took Kristoff in and decided to raise him themselves. This is about the extent of what audiences know about the wise creatures. Over the years, various Frozen theories about the rock trolls have evolved, but none have ever been confirmed. That could change in Frozen 3. It would be fun to get to know other troll characters as well. Perhaps a few of Kristoff’s “siblings” could play a more significant part going forward.

1 Prince Hans

Frozen 3 Prince Hans Villain

Prince Hans’ villain twist in the first Frozen movie was part of what made the film such a success. As a member of the “prince charming” Disney character archetype, he completely diverted expectations by attempting to murder both Anna and Elsa and take over Arendelle himself. Thankfully, Hans was foiled by the sisters and sent back to the Southern Isles with a real shiner (courtesy of Anna). He hasn’t been seen since, but it would be a lot of fun if Frozen 3 would give him another shot at villainy—and perhaps include even more of a backstory for the Frozen Prince.

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