Although witches and wizards are usually associated with the ever-iconic, pointed black hat, the protagonist in Hogwarts Legacy thankfully has a much wider variety of headwear to choose from throughout their adventures. Hats are an optional gear category, and so some players might ultimately choose to opt out from accessorizing in this way. But for those seeking to be best dressed in Hogwarts’ fifth-year class, they’ll have everything from casual caps to fully-blown helmets at their disposal. In particular, the 10 best hats in Hogwarts Legacy stand out for their style and unique features.

Just like all gear in Hogwarts Legacy, most hats that players collect will serve a purely cosmetic purpose. The convenient transmog system, which saves each article of clothing to a permanent collection, allows students to choose any style without sacrificing the perks and stats of their highest-rated gear. Since it’s so easy to change gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy, fashion-forward players should take every opportunity to grab items and grow their collections. Specifically, they should keep their eyes peeled for Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hats, which can be obtained through quests, chests, or enemy loot.

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10 #10 Classic Sorcerer Hat

A male-presenting student wearing the Classic Sorcerer Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

One of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best headwear pieces, the Classic Sorcerer Hat, proves that simplicity is oftentimes key. This plain, pointed black hat (as showcased by Lootward on YouTube) is probably exactly what Muggles imagine when thinking of a witch or wizard in Harry Potter, but as it turns out, there’s a good reason behind this stereotype.

The Classic Sorcerer Hat goes with just about every outfit with its dark colors and its traditional silhouette, and so it only makes sense that it would be a staple in each magic user’s closet. While it might not be as unique as some other in-game hats, it certainly won’t distract players as they explore Hogwarts Legacy‘s massive map, and so those looking for a minimalist option might find that this particular headwear is right up their alley.

9 #9 Blue Flatcap

A male-presenting student wearing the Blue Flatcap in Hogwarts Legacy

The Blue Flatcap is also a simple, yet charming hat in Hogwarts Legacy. Dressed in a muted blue, it adds the perfect touch of vibrancy to any get-up, and it looks especially good on Ravenclaw students, whose robes are adorned in a matching color.

Those who want to look less like an obvious sorcerer and more like an average resident of the Scottish Highlands might be especially drawn to the Blue Flatcap.

8 #8 Potioneer’s Cap

A male-presenting student weaing the Potioneer's Cap in Hogwarts Legacy

The Potioneer’s Cap is one of the best hats in Hogwarts Legacy, particularly for students who enjoy brewing alchemic concoctions. It can only be earned by delivering Parry Pippin’s Invisibility Potions to Fatimah Lawang, and even though the experience may be less-than-savory, it’s worth the extra effort to unlock this piece of headwear. The list of brewable potion recipes in Hogwarts Legacy is lackluster, but the Potioneer’s Cap can make up for it somewhat by making the potion-brewing process a bit more immersive. Plus, the protective eye goggles will likely earn students a few extra points from Professor Sharp.

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7 #7 Goblin-Made Helmet

A male-presenting student wearing the Goblin Made Helmet in Hogwarts Legacy

Although most goblins that the protagonist encounters in Hogwarts Legacy are hostile and would never allow a human witch or wizard to own a piece of their work, players wear some of the highest-quality gear in the wizarding world without any qualms once they earn the Goblin-Made Helmet.

This headwear is obtained by sympathizing with the vendor goblin Arn and helping him regain access to his traveling merchant carts. It’s seemingly made out of solid gold and iron, which is decorated with intricate engravings. Plus, a couple of glistening rubies showcase just how valuable the Goblin-Made Helmet is, making it one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hats.

6 #6 Fur-Lined Cap

A male-presenting student wearing the Fur-Lined Cap in Hogwarts Legacy

Thanks to the setting of Hogwarts Legacy, the protagonist will find themselves experiencing a harsh winter with no shortage of snowfall around midway through the game. While it’s probably for the best that there’s no body temperature mechanic, it can still be fun to dress for the in-game weather. The Fur-Lined Cap is perfect for wintertime, completely encapsulating the student’s head in a fuzzy, beige fur. Plus, the sage green exterior and the complimentary purple feather give it an adventurous flair, making it especially suitable for those who prefer to spend their time exploring the hills and forests beyond Hogwarts.

5 #5 Zonko’s Chief Prankster Hat

A male-presenting student wearing Zonko's Chief Prankster Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

Although Harry Potter‘s iconic troublemakers Fred and George Weasley aren’t around for the events of the game, players can bring their mischievousness to life with Zonko’s Chief Prankster Hat. Unlike its name may imply, this piece can’t be found in Zonko’s Joke Shop, but rather, it can be earned by collecting eight Field Guide Pages around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy.

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However, this is a small price to pay for this slightly silly, yet also somehow stylish top hat, which features a teal diamond pattern and a golden ribbon to tie the look together. It’s just the right accessory for witches and wizards who like to cause chaos around the school.

4 #4 Spider Slayer Helmet

A male-presenting student wearing the Spider Slayer Helmet in Hogwarts Legacy

If players want to truly intimidate their classmates (or look like one of Hogwarts’ sentient knight statues), they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for with the Spider Slayer Helmet, one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hats. This item completely hides the protagonist’s identity and replaces it with a solid iron helm, which is also decorated with some subtle engravings. Luckily, it’s quite easy to obtain, only requiring that the player defeat 20 spiders in combat.

3 #3 Halloween Pumpkin Mask

A male-presenting student wearing the Halloween Pumpkin Mask in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the worst Hogwarts Legacy mistakes that a player could make is ignoring dueling feats during combat, and the Halloween Pumpkin Mask is a steadfast reminder of this fact. The giant burlap jack-o-lantern hat can only be earned by completing 35 dueling feats – and so if the student wants to scare some first years and wear it during the befitting autumn months of the game, they’ll need to make the most out of every fight. But regardless of the time of year, the Halloween Pumpkin Mask is one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hats, thanks to its sheer creepiness.

2 #2 Astronomer’s Hat

A male-presenting student wearing the Astronomer's Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

Conversely, the Astronomer’s Hat doesn’t come off as intimidating, but it certainly exudes an air of intelligence and importance. While shaped like a standard witch’s or wizard’s hat, its deep blue color and its glittering golden embellishments (including a handful of stars) cement it as far from traditional. It perfectly compliments one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best cloaks, the Starry-Eyed Seer’s Cape, with the twinkling stars that decorate the underside of the hat, as well.

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Unfortunately, the Astronomer’s Hat was only available through preorder of Hogwarts Legacy on Amazon, so it’s no longer possible for students to obtain this headwear if they don’t already own it. But anyone who has access to this cosmic cap should absolutely make the most of it, as it’ll make them stand out among their peers – certainly to the space-obsessed Amit Thakkar, at the very least.

1 #1 Hogwarts Legacy’s Best Hat Is The Dark Arts Garrison Hat

A male-presenting student wearing the Dark Arts Garrison Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

However, Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hat is the Dark Arts Garrison Hat. Anyone who preordered Hogwarts Legacy will already own this show-stopping headwear, but unlike the Astronomer’s Hat, it’s still available for purchase. For many players, especially those who are choosing the path of a dark wizard, it may be worth the price. After all, its black-and-grey color scheme, shape, and animated skull pattern make it one of the most unique accessories across the game. Regardless of their magic practices or morality, though, students certainly won’t be messed with while they’re wearing Hogwarts Legacy‘s best hat, the Dark Arts Garrison Hat.

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Source: Lootward/YouTube

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