Hogwarts Legacy features no shortage of new characters to meet, and thanks to their unique stories and personalites, many of them have already cemented their spots as the game’s most iconic faces. Players will be introduced to these students and professors quite early on as they’re exploring the school and attending various classes, but they’ll remain some of the most complex and memorable characters across the entirety of the title, nonetheless.

Since the game takes place approximately one hundred years before the events of the main Harry Potter series in the 1890s, none of the franchise’s original characters will appear in the open-world RPG (save for the centuries-old ghosts, of course). However, that doesn’t mean that Hogwarts Legacy‘s best characters aren’t related to those from the books and the films. For example, Headmaster Phineas Black is related to Sirus Black, Harry Potter’s godfather. While many of the prequel’s characters have such familial ties, it’s their individual charm and stories that make them stand out among the rest.

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10 Professor Ronen Is A Lighthearted Teacher

Professor Ronen looking at the camera with a smirk on his face in Hogwarts Legacy

Charms Professor Ronen is one of the first teachers that players will have the opportunity to meet in Hogwarts Legacy, and he certainly sets expectations high for the others, as Ronen’s down-to-earth and jovial personality make him hard not to like.

Instead of conducting boring lectures (like a certain History of Magic professor), it’s clear that he puts great effort into keeping his students engaged through unconventional methods, like the Summoner’s Court minigame. Plus, he treats his students as equals, joking with them but still approaching them with the proper respect.

9 Professor Weasley Is A Great Help

An image of Professor Weasley holding out her hand to a butterfly in the air as her wand glows blue.

Professor Matilda Weasley teaches Transfiguration lessons at the school, but she’s also more than just an average teacher. If her last name sounds familiar, it’s because Professor Weasley is indeed related to Ron, and just like Harry Potter’s sidekick, she always finds a way to help out.

She’s the one who introduces the player to the Field Guide Pages and the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, but she does so with a warm smile and genuine intentions of catching the student back up to speed. Whenever they’re with Professor Weasley, players know they’re in kind, yet capable hands.

8 Amit Thakkar Is Hogwarts Legacy’s Aspiring Historian

Amit Thakkar, a Ravenclaw student in Hogwarts Legacy, looking concerned with a foggy night-time shot of Hogwarts in the background.

Amit Thakkar is a bit of a stereotypical Ravenclaw student. He’s intelligent, a self-described astronomy buff, an aspiring historian, and a bit socially awkward to top it off. Players will get to embark on a short few quests with Amit, in which they’ll discover new constellations and share a bit of banter together.

However, he’s also crucial to Hogwarts Legacy‘s multi-ending story, as he can (somewhat) speak and read the goblin language, Gobbledegook. He’s the closest thing that Ravenclaw players have to a companion, and it’s a shame that he wasn’t fleshed out to his full potential.

7 Hogwarts Legacy’s Professor Sharp Shares His Wisdom

Hogwarts Legacy Potions Professor Sharp Displaying One of First Potions Players Get the Recipe For in Main Story Quest

Professor Sharp, Hogwarts Legacy‘s Potions teacher, definitely isn’t the most cheerful character, but he has a fascinating backstory. Sharp was a former Auror, working against the forces of dark magic before he almost lost his life on the job, injuring his leg in the process.

Instead of working a desk job at the Ministry, he opted to come to Hogwarts to impart his knowledge and hard-earned wisdom upon his students, as well as find a cure for his leg. His stern demeanor is sometimes reminiscent of the future Potions professor Snape, but he’s nonetheless open to the player’s questions.

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6 Professor Garlick Is A Herbologist

Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Professor with Plant in Main Story Quest of Herbology Class Cutscene

Professor Mirabel Garlick is a young Herbology professor, a prominent member of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best House, and an overall charming character that will have players leaving her class with a smile.

Being a Muggleborn, she’s still a bit new to the wizarding world, but she quickly became one of the most beloved professors in the school due to her kind temperament, poetic language, and her ability to see the best in all of her students (and all of her plants, no matter how dangerous they may be).

5 Hogwarts Legacy’s Natsai Onai Fights For Justice

Speaking with Natsai Onai about Uagadou after Charms Class in Hogwarts Legacy

Being one of the game’s three companion characters, players will have the chance to spend their time with Natsai Onai, a Gryffindor student with a strong sense of justice (unsurprisingly). A former student at the largest wizarding school in the world, Uagadou, Natty is a witch so capable that she doesn’t even need her wand to cast spells.

But during her time at Hogwarts, she’s preoccupied with something deeply personal. Transfer students are Hogwarts Legacy‘s most important characters, and Natty certainly proves that statement true with her sheer bravery and willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good.

4 Professor Fig Is Hogwarts Legacy’s Deuteragonist

Professor Fig from Hogwarts Legacy. Piles of books and a large shelf are behind him.

As the protagonist’s sidekick and the key to solving their mysterious magical abilities, Professor Fig is one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best characters. Like Natty, he’s also not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right, and he’s willing to go to great lengths to help the player stop Ranrok and his goblin rebellion.

Professor Fig’s backstory is nothing short of heartbreaking, with the death of his wife clearly taking an emotional toll on him – and yet, he dedicates his time to learning about the very ancient magic that killed her. This alone speaks volumes about his character.

3 Hogwarts Legacy’s Ominis Gaunt Isn’t A Typical Slytherin

Ominis Gaunt looking away from the character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ominis Gaunt is a Slytherin student with one of the best character arcs in the game. Unlike many members of his House, Ominis strongly dislikes dark wizards, which have pros and cons in Hogwarts Legacy.

This particular belief often puts him at odds with his longtime friend and fellow Slytherin, Sebastian Sallow, and this in turn causes no shortage of conflict throughout the course of the game. But little by little, players will learn more about Ominis’ heart-wrenching childhood and the true nature of the Gaunt family, who are extremely significant in Harry Potter lore.

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2 Poppy Sweeting Is A Beast Lover In Hogwarts Legacy

The player with Poppy Sweeting in Hogwarts Legacy

Being one of the game’s sweetest and most compassionate characters, Hufflepuff’s aptly-named Poppy Sweeting is one of the best companions in the game. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about the many fantastical beasts that roam the Scottish Highlands, and she’s also determined to put an end to the growing poaching trend, oftentimes putting her own life in danger to save the animals she cherishes dearly.

It’s through her quest line that players can meet and interact with some of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best creatures, as well as learn more about Poppy’s highly personal and complicated backstory.

1 Hogwarts Legacy’s Best Character Is Sebastian Sallow

Hogwarts Legacy's Sebastian about to cast Avada Kedavra.

However, Hogwarts Legacy‘s best character is Sebastian Sallow. Being Slytherin’s companion, he’s a rebellious student with a particular interest in dark magic. But more importantly, his quests tell the game’s most emotional and impactful story, which rivals even that of the main missions.

As Sebastian attempts to find a cure for his ill sister Anne, he’ll venture into some sinister territory, offering to take the student in under his wing. But if not for exclusive opportunity to learn the powerful Unforgivable Curses, the progression of his morally grey story makes Sebastian Sallow the best character in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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