The latest Grid Iron action is here with the arrival of Madden 24, and the game is filled with hundreds of different plays, making it a daunting prospect for beginners. In all sports titles learning the basics is crucial, but with the complicated rules of American Football, it is even more important in Madden.

For newcomers, knowing when to pass or not pass the football or what type of Defence plays, they should use is essential. If you are unsure about some of the basic mechanics, it is recommended to use Madden 24‘s Practice mode, as it will let you discover each mechanic, time passes, implement plays, and get an overall feel of a game. From the basics of offense and defense to which plays to select, here are ten beginner tips to get new players started.

10 Use Every Passing Option

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When playing Madden 24, many will throw the ball as much as possible, which isn’t a bad strategy. However, beginners will often simply just press the buttons of the receivers and hope for the best. When you are on offense, you have access to a wide range of choices for passing the football. When starting, the best pass to use is the Bullet Pass, done by holding the respective receiver.

This throw will get the ball to the receiver as quickly as possible, giving defenders less time to intercept. Once beginners have mastered this, there are a host of other types of passes, such as the lob pass in Madden 24, a low pass, and lateral passes, all of which can work in different situations.

9 Be Sensible On Defense

madden 24 defense

Defense is much harder to get to grips with and master in Madden 24 than offense, so keeping things simple is best when starting. While it is less exciting than trying to make big plays and interceptions, taking control of one of the defensive ends or any other defenders who are blitzing is your safest bet. From here, you can try and use moves or angles to get through to put pressure on the quarterback. Controlling a defender in the backfield is much more risky, as slightly being out of position can lead to completely blown open coverage.

8 Use Speed To Your Advantage

madden 24 sprinting

Speed is key in Madden 24 when running away from the final man to bursting through the defensive line. Using the fastest stars at the right time can get you easy touchdowns. Knowing when to press the sprint button is also important, as doing so when in space or when a lane opens can accelerate you clear. If playing Ultimate Team or Franchise modes, picking players with higher speed stats can help when learning the game, as they have a clear edge on the field.

7 Learn Different Running Moves

madden 24 hurdle

While the running game is often considered secondary to passing in Madden 24, knowing all the tricks available when moving the ball is essential, especially when facing other human opponents. To mix it up, you should throw in running plays that can still lead to significant gains. The most effective running moves are Jukes or Spins, which, when timed right, can leave your opponent looking silly and give you a clear run to the end zone.

6 Manage The Clock

madden 24 clock

In NFL games, managing the clock is vital for teams to win games; if anything, it is more important. With shorter quarters than in real life, you can control the clock at the end of both halves to give their opponents less time with the ball. Especially in the second half of matches, when ahead, you should try and eat as much of the clock at every opportunity, waiting until the final seconds of the play clock before snapping the ball. Madden 24 is much easier on offense than defense, and by controlling the time you have the ball, you can grind out many wins in tight matches.

5 Make Use Of Superstar X-Factors

madden 24 x factor

Superstar X Factors have been brought into the series in recent years to differentiate the best players in Madden 24 and can turn the tide in matches. They can be used in short bursts, and each should be used at key moments, such as on third downs or when in the red zone. Several team members also have extra Superstar Abilities, which are kept throughout the game. Whichever team you are using, you should learn which players have these abilities and take advantage of them.

4 Avoid Dropping Further Back With Quarter-Back

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When snapping the ball, your Quarter-Back will automatically drop slightly back into the pocket. However, the natural move for many players when starting in Madden 24 is to keep dropping further back to allow more time to find an open receiver. This comes with a significant risk because if you take your eye off the ball and are sacked, it can lead to substantial yardage losses leaving you in long down situations. It is always better to try and stay in the pocket when possible to keep you closer to receivers.

3 Use Quarter-Backs That Can Scramble

madden 24 mahomes

Madden has always favored the passing game, but when starting out, using Quarterbacks that can move well and run themselves gives a huge advantage. This includes some of the best Quarterbacks in Madden 24, such as Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes, who can all do this effectively. It opens up options if there are no passes available and can get you out of sticky situations. While these stars will only be available if you choose to use their respective teams, they can lead you to victory.

2 Make Use of Practice Area

madden 24 practice

While Practice Areas are commonplace in Sports titles, there are more critical in Madden 24 than any other. The game has various moves and controls, which you can practice before taking them to the real field. Madden 24 has one of the most profound practice modes in any game, allowing you to set up and try different plays to see which ones you are most comfortable with. It can also be the perfect place to hone skill moves so that when the time comes during a game, you can perform them every time.​​​​​​​

1 Keep Plays Simple

madden 24 plays

Once you master the basics, the game offers unlimited opportunities for different plays on offense and defense. However, when starting out, it is best to use simple plays that are effective each time rather than experimenting. Crossing and corner routes have long been useful in the Madden series and are reliable for beginners, especially when playing against AI opponents. The routes often give receivers yards of space to keep the ball moving up the pitch with limited risk in Madden 24.

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