There are a lot of great TV Shows out there, but these 10 amazing TV shows managed to pull off the incredible feat of not having a single bad episode in their entire series runs. While not every episode is equal in quality, each episode in the following TV shows is at least great, leading to these series garnering a legendary status that still makes them popular today. So, here are 10 perfect TV shows that didn’t have any bad episodes.


Having a TV show with no bad episodes is rare, as it requires a level of talent and attention to detail that is nearly impossible to attain. While many TV shows have plenty of rock-solid seasons, it’s nearly impossible not to have one or two stinkers throughout the entirety of the show. Some TV miniseries are able to pull it off due to their short episode orders, but even more impressive is when a multi-season show manages to remain consistently flawless. Many of the TV shows on this list are considered the greatest of all time, and rightfully so, as these series don’t have a single bad episode.

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Band Of Brothers

Band of brothers rewatch

Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers miniseries still remains relevant to this day, with it becoming one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed shows from HBO. Band of Brothers brought movie-quality filmmaking to television screens, something that shows have been trying to mimic ever since. Band of Brothers set the bar for prestige TV upon its premiere in 2001, with its characters, storyline, and cinematography being consistently compelling and entertaining throughout its 10 episodes. Band of Brothers is so beloved that it garnered two spiritual successors: The Pacific and the upcoming Masters of the Air. Although Band of Brothers is only 10 episodes, they’re all equally fantastic.

Breaking Bad

Walter White in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is often considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time for good reason. Breaking Bad lasts five seasons, with all 62 of its episodes being consistently great. The show’s fast pace and incredibly suspenseful storytelling allow for Walt’s traversal through Albuquerque’s drug world to remain gripping for the entirety of the series. This feat is made even more impressive by how experimental Breaking Bad is, with episodes like season 3’s “Fly” taking huge risks that absolutely pay off. Breaking Bad‘s prequel, Better Call Saul, continues this trend, making the consistency of the shows made by Vince Gilligan and his crew astounding.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman finale

Netflix’s absurdist comedy-drama Bojack Horseman also managed to finish without having a single bad episode, with it maintaining its comedy and tragedy throughout the show’s six seasons. These half-hour episodes really pack a punch, with each entry in Bojack Horseman‘s lineup either leaving audiences laughing or crying. The character arcs of Bojack and Diane feel realistic and not drawn out despite the show’s long run, with it continually keeping audiences invested until the very end.


Two men stand on a roof in Chernobyl

HBO’s miniseries Chernobyl is another beloved show from the powerhouse TV network, with it recounting the story of the nuclear disaster in a fresh and intriguing way. Chernobyl manages to maintain the horror of the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster throughout, continually ramping up the stakes in a way that makes each episode feel better than its already-stellar predecessor. Even when getting into the legal aspect of Chernobyl’s aftermath, Chernobyl manages to stay gripping throughout, with each episode of the miniseries being fantastic.

The Office (British)

Ricky Gervais in The Office UK

While the American adaptation of The Office started out great, it really began to falter in its later seasons. The British version of The Office, however, manages to keep its comedy fresh and its characters memorable throughout its run. Although The Office only lasted for two series and a two-part Christmas special, the show is about quality over quantity, with many of the jokes being so clever that they were directly copied in the American version. The Office‘s 14 episodes are a concise, funnier, and more consistently great version of the popular American remake.

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The Good Place

The Good Place is a sitcom at its heart, but it also mixes in an incredibly well-written supernatural story that compels viewers to keep watching. The constant plot twists and the onslaught of jokes never falter throughout The Good Place‘s four seasons, allowing the show to not have a single bad episode. Luckily, The Good Place ended right where it needed to, with its season 4 conclusion preventing the concept from being drawn out.

Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men

Mad Men is a slow-paced period drama released by AMC, and although it lasted seven seasons, each episode is just as good as the last. Mad Men‘s run consists of a massive 92 episodes, which makes the fact that none of them are bad even more impressive. Although Mad Men may be harder to get into than some of the other shows on this list, audiences that stick with it are in for a treat. Mad Men is the longest show on this list, making its consistency all the more impressive.

The Sopranos

Tony insults Agent Grasso in The Sopranos season 1

Often considered one of the founders of prestige TV, The Sopranos is another incredible HBO show that manages to make every episode great. The Sopranos lasted 6 seasons and 86 episodes, and each examination of Tony Soprano’s psyche manages to stay fresh and compelling. While The Sopranos started out as a homage to classic mobster stories, it quickly cemented itself as one of the best in the genre, with The Sopranos‘ iconic ending still being talked about today.


Sister Knight standing in front of a glowing yellow clock in Watchmen promo art.

Watchmen is a TV sequel to Alan Moore’s beloved comic story, yet HBO’s miniseries manages to be just as good as the original. Watchmen‘s 9 episodes manage to continue the themes, tone, and story of the original series while giving the show an identity of its own, with each episode being equally fantastic. Watchmen‘s performances, action, and rich themes put the series in a league of its own, with it undoubtedly being remembered in years to come. Every episode of Watchmen is special in its own right, with them all coming together to make an amazing series.

The Wire

Lance Reddick as Cedric Daniels in The Wire, walking away from Herc and Carver

HBO continues its domination of this list with The Wire, which also somehow manages to be consistently great throughout its 5 seasons. The Wire‘s 60 episodes focus on the drug scene in Baltimore, examining both sides of the trade with its massive cast of fantastic actors. Many of The Wire‘s actors have gone on to curate incredibly successful careers in film and television, and that’s thanks to the consistency of The Wire. The Wire is still remembered to this day, and that’s because it’s one of the few TV shows to not have a single bad episode.

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