A small hybrid cameo in Sweet Tooth season 1 is actually a sneak peek at a much greater storyline for Jepperd in Sweet Tooth season 2.

At the end of Sweet Tooth season 1, Gus is captured by General Abbot at the Preserve along with various other hybrid children, one of whom could play a much bigger role in Sweet Tooth season 2. Sweet Tooth is a television series based on comics by Jeff Lemire of the same name. The story follows a deer hybrid boy named Gus and his guardian Jepperd as they try to find Gus’ mother amid a major pandemic.

The finale of Sweet Tooth season 1 answers a lot of questions about its characters but raises even more about the future. One major revelation is Jepperd’s backstory: right before the pandemic, Jepperd’s wife gave birth to their son who was a hybrid. While Jepperd went to get some air, his wife and son both disappeared and he never saw them again, raising the question of what happened to them and where they went. Although these questions still remain after Sweet Tooth season 1, there is a very quick cameo in the last episode that could hint at the whereabouts of Jepperd’s son.


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The Black Sheep In Sweet Tooth Season 1 Is Jepperd’s Son

Jepperd's Son In Sweet Tooth

When Gus is held captive at the Preserve at the end of Sweet Tooth season 1, an abundance of other hybrid children are also being held with him, including a black sheep hybrid boy that is most likely Jepperd’s estranged son. Though the boy appears in only a snippet of the scene, his familiar appearance makes him stand out. The boy’s hybrid features of a black sheep’s nose and ears as seen in the final episode of the season directly parallels the image of Jepperd’s black sheep baby in his flashback to before Sweet Tooth’s pandemic, the Great Crumble.

While the cameo of Jepperd’s son is particularly brief, it definitely makes the connection to Jepperd’s flashback and the following questions about where his family went. As a hybrid, it would make sense that Jepperd’s son could have found his way to the Preserve when Aimee controlled it and is now in General Abbot’s custody. It is probably unlikely that Gus will realize the boy’s relation to Jepperd, but Sweet Tooth season 2 may make the connection clearer for audience members.

Jepperd And His Son Will Reunite In Sweet Tooth Season 2

Tommy Jepperd in Sweet Tooth.

It seems inevitable that Jepperd and his son will meet in Sweet Tooth season 2 after the appearance of Jepperd’s son in Sweet Tooth season 1’s ending. Most likely, the show’s creators will offer a clearer connection between the boy and Jepperd, increasing the tensions of when the two will finally meet. When Gus and the hybrids eventually escape the Preserve and reunite with Jepperd and Aimee, the reunion will probably occur then. With Jepperd and his son back together, more questions will be answered about what happened to Jepperd’s family and the search for his wife may ensue.

Just as Jepperd reveals his tragic backstory in Sweet Tooth season 1, the series offers a tiny signal of hope that Jepperd will be able to reunite with his family, or at least part of it. Although his son’s cameo is incredibly short, it still opens up the door for Jepperd’s son to find his father and potentially join up with Gus to find his mother and end the pandemic. This cameo is only a sneak peek into Sweet Tooth season 2 and the new lovable characters and heartfelt plots that will be continued in it.

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