• Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, a new show in the New Republic era, is the ideal platform to introduce iconic character Hondo Ohnaka into live-action.
  • Hondo, a pirate and fan-favorite character from The Clone Wars and Rebels, could be introduced due to the show’s focus on the underworld aspects of the New Republic era.
  • The inclusion of pirates in Skeleton Crew, including a character named Vane, suggests a potential rivalry between Hondo and the former Pirate King Gorian Shard, opening the door for Hondo’s appearance.

One upcoming Star Wars show is the perfect place to introduce an iconic George Lucas character into live-action: Skeleton Crew. Skeleton Crew is expected to be the fourth installment in the New Republic era of Star Wars after The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Ahsoka. Created by Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy alum Jon Watts alongside Christopher Ford, the series will follow four young children who end up on an adventure after being lost in the galaxy following a discovery they make on their home planet.

The series has been labeled as Star Wars meets Amblin, with Skeleton Crew‘s young cast emulating the coming-of-age stories of the early works of Steven Spielberg’s studio like E.T. and The Goonies. The young cast of Skeleton Crew will be joined by Jude Law who plays a mysterious Jedi and the show is also expected to delve more into the underworld aspects of the New Republic era. As such, the more seedy exploration of the Star Wars galaxy can pave the way for one classic George Lucas character to be introduced to live-action Star Wars.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Should Introduce Hondo Ohnaka To Live-Action Star Wars


That character is none other than Hondo Ohnaka. Hondo was a character introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a galaxy-faring pirate who often came into conflict with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite his animosity toward the Jedi at first, Hondo eventually became a reluctant ally of the Jedi and quickly became a fan-favorite character of the show. This led to Dave FIloni reusing Hondo during Star Wars Rebels, showcasing the pirate during the times of the Empire teaming up with the crew of the Ghost on multiple occasions.

Due to Hondo’s trade as a pirate, Skeleton Crew seems to be the perfect upcoming Star Wars show to introduce the character to live-action. Given that Ahsoka is making the other characters of Star Wars Rebels integral to the New Republic era, it would make sense for another in Hondo to appear. Also, a confirmed element of Skeleton Crew provides even more credence to the idea of introducing Hondo in the show.

Hondo Could Be Tied To The Mandalorian Season 3’s Pirates

Gorian Shard and Vane in The Mandalorian.

The confirmed element in question is the inclusion of pirates in Skeleton Crew. In The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5, a group of pirates led by the Pirate King Gorian Shard were introduced, with one named Vane escaping by the end of the episode. Vane was glimpsed in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew‘s trailer showcased at Star Wars Celebration 2023 as a major threat to the primary characters meaning piracy will likely be a big aspect of the show.

This is where Hondo could come in. After all, Hondo was named the Pirate King in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, meaning a history between him and Gorian Shard could be established. It would make sense for the two to be rivals, with Hondo rising to ascendency again in Skeleton Crew after Shard was killed in The Mandalorian. All of this would allow one of the more iconic Lucas creations of the prequel era to appear in live-action with Star Wars: Skeleton Crew proving to be the perfect opportunity for such an inclusion.

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