Based on what’s known about the Mandalorian’s Darksaber and black kyber crystals in Star Wars, the legendary weapon may be powered by the dark side.

The Mandalorian’s legendary Darksaber, currently wielded by Din Djarin, may be a weapon sourced from the dark side in the Star Wars galaxy. Given that lightsaber blade colors can correspond to the color of the kyber crystals housed within, an interesting theory is formed when it comes to the incredibly unique Darksaber, forged by the galaxy’s first Mandalorian-Jedi, Tarre Vizsla. As such, Din Djarin and those who have wielded the Darksaber before him may have actually been using an ancient dark side artifact.


Before Din Djarin inadvertently claimed the weapon in the finale of The Mandalorian season 2, the blade had been wielded by Moff Gideon, Bo-Katan Kryze, Sabine Wren, Darth Maul, Pre Vizsla, and presumably other Mandalorians in Clan Vizsla dating all the way back to the Darksaber’s creator. Interestingly, Djarin initially struggled to embrace the power of the Darksaber, which resulted in the blade resisting him and feeling heavier. The Darksaber may be powered by a rare black kyber crystal, a unique color that signifies great power in the dark side of the Force.

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The Darksaber Is Likely Powered By A Black Crystal

Din Djarin wielding Darksaber in The Mandalorian season 3's poster.

Considering the black color of the Darksaber’s blade, it stands to reason that the sword would have a black crystal. As such, this would explain the rarity of the Darksaber itself given the inherent rarity of the black crystal that powers it. Similar to the unique purple color of Mace Windu’s lightsaber, Tarre Vizsla’s black-bladed lightsaber falls outside the typical range of colors seen in the Jedi Order. However, this supports the idea even further that there’s a black crystal within the Darksaber which has been tainted by the dark side of the Force.

Galaxy’s Edge Hints Black Crystals Are Tainted By The Dark Side

Black Kyber in Galaxy's Edge.

Interestingly enough, black kyber crystals have never been seen on-screen in the Star Wars galaxy. However, that fact reinforces the idea that they’re hard to find. That being said, black kyber crystals can be found by visitors who come to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park, though the odds of finding one are extremely low, as they’re hidden with the standard red tubes for Sith crystals. They also come with a note containing key details about black crystals (as everything within Galaxy’s Edge is considered canon to Star Wars):

“Today you have found something truly special. This small fragment of obsidian is infused with the power of the dark side. When placed inside a lightsaber or a holocron, this rare fragment with unnatural powers mined from dark side shrine will have similar properties as a red Kyber Crystal.”

Based on this information, it seems black kyber crystals are intrinsically tied to the dark side, just like red kyber and Sith lightsabers. It stands to reason that a black piece of kyber within the Darksaber would by definition make the blade a tool of the dark side, making it even more intriguing as to why a Jedi such as Tarre Vizsla created the unique weapon in the first place. However, it potentially explains why the blade requires the wielder to submit to its power (and perhaps its influence). The Mandalorian season 3 can reveal more of the Darksaber’s history in the Star Wars galaxy when it starts streaming on March 1st.

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