A single Rick and Morty episode featured a surprising selection of celebrity cameos, which itself is indicative of Rick and Morty’s enduring success.

An array of impressive guest stars has greatly bolstered recent Rick and Morty seasons, one season 6 episode in particular featured 3 unique celebrity cameos. Rick and Morty has transitioned from the fringe, cult fandom, rooted firmly in science and pop culture references, to a cultural phenomenon that commands the respect of mainstream media in its entirety. Early seasons featured some minor guest stars, some of which Rick and Morty retained for future seasons. But the recent seasons have benefited from a flurry of well-known performers lending their voices and names to a wide range of single-use characters.

Rick and Morty season 6, episode 6, “Juricksic Mort” depicts a technologically advanced species of dinosaur visiting Earth. The dinosaurs ruffle many feathers while on Earth, particularly Rick’s – who perceives the visitors as arrogant interferers. Each dinosaur is played by a notable Rick and Morty guest star which befits their character, but they also serve as an indicator of the strides Rick and Morty has made since its conception.

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Every Cameo In Rick & Morty Season 6, Episode 6 Explained

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The singer and musician Jason Mraz lent his soulful voice to the blue Brachiosaurus God, who first greets the awaiting Earthlings upon the dinosaurs’ arrival. Rick and Morty co-creator and writer, Dan Harmon, makes an appearance in the series, playing the purple Triceratops God who seems to be the group’s leader. Actor and Friends star Lisa Kudrow plays the orange Tyrannosaurus Rex God. It is this Tyrannosaurus Rex God who offends Rick by offering him the portal pistol, an upgrade to Rick’s portal gun. Keith David also appears in “Juricksic Mort,” reprising his regular role as The President.

Why Rick & Morty’s “Juricksic Mort” Cameos Worked

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Mraz delivers a rather lofty tone, befitting the towering aliens which Rick dismisses as snooty. This is inflection is present in each of the dinosaurs, but Mraz is a bigger departure from his natural voice. Harmon strikes an unusually nasal tone, which lends his character a matronly inflection, appropriate for the role of the dinosaur’s patronizing leader. Kudrow, on the other hand, uses her own voice, which can vary greatly from the Pheobe-esque warmth to the forcefully combative, played effectively in the shifting attitude of the dinosaur gods throughout the episode and in response to Rick’s constant criticisms. Despite not being an externally connected group of people, the three dinosaur cameos complement each other neatly.

Previous cameos, like Rick and Morty season 6, episode 9, exploited a dynamic the actors established in previous acting roles. “Juricksic Mort” does not do this. But the soft, feminine tone that each actor employs unites the otherwise disparate performers and they became a cohesive unit. “Juricksic Mort” perfectly demonstrates the success of Rick and Morty: huge names in the celebrity sphere will gladly queue up to join the creators in their continued crafting of the animated cultural milestone. Rick and Morty deftly commands the respect of audiences and industry alike, with each week’s guest stars only confirming Rick and Morty‘s place in popular culture.

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