Although Netflix’s Wednesday came out in late November, the show and its star, Jenna Ortega, are still receiving plenty of hype and rumors are even swirling that Ortega may have a new role lined up for her as executive producer in Wednesday season 2. Jenna Ortega is a 20-year-old actor who has already had a decade-long career spanning from Disney Channel to the Scream franchise. Ortega’s latest role as Wednesday Addams astounded audiences because of her commitment to character and unique acting choices a la the iconic Wednesday dance from Wednesday season 1, episode 4.


Jenna Ortega has definitely become a familiar face in the media landscape because of Wednesday season 1, but she certainly won’t get stuck in that box for long. In March 2023, Ortega appeared in Scream 6 and the actor has several other projects lined up including a romantic comedy entitled Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall. Ortega not only stars in the film, but also acted as an executive producer on it as well. This move into producing is definitely an exciting step for Ortega and may be a recurring theme as Wednesday season 2 enters production.

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Jenna Ortega As Executive Producer Could Change Wednesday For The Better

jenna ortega dancing in wednesday

If Jenna Ortega signs on as an executive producer on Wednesday, the series could see changes for the better. While Wednesday already received acclaim for its first season, the addition of Ortega could mean new flairs to Wednesday season 2 of the same variety as the highly successful Wednesday dance, which Ortega choreographed herself. Ortega has clearly nailed the character of Wednesday and giving her creative freedom within the series seems to have already proven itself as a good thing, which means even more Ortega influence could bring the Wednesday season 2 to another level.

In fact, Ortega’s commitment to Wednesday makes her the perfect candidate to commandeer the series. In a recent interview with Armchair Expert, Ortega revealed that she often made changes to Wednesday scripts to ensure that her character remained as accurate as possible. Despite labeling her behavior as bordering on “unprofessional,” Ortega also asserted that certain storylines or lines didn’t make sense, including Wednesday’s season 1 love triangle. Ortega’s strong opinion on her character shows just how in touch she is with Wednesday and her fierce willingness to make Wednesday the best, most accurate version of herself.

Wednesday Season 2 Could Become More Gory (Thanks To Ortega)

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday-2

In the most recent years of her career, Jenna Ortega has definitely been drawn to the horror genre, and her experience on horror sets, along with her personal love of the genre, definitely gives her some expertise. Therefore, it could be likely that if Ortega becomes a Wednesday executive producer, the series could become scarier and more adult. Although Wednesday already has creepy elements, Ortega could give it some more intense scenes to balance out the classic Addams family campiness. This could even give the show more of a sense of maturity and higher stakes.

All in all, Jenna Ortega’s foray into executive producing will likely be a good thing for her and her fans, whether she is added to Wednesday season 2‘s producing team or not. Ortega clearly has great ideas and a commitment to her characters that makes her an admirable figure in her profession. If she does become an executive producer on Wednesday season 2, audiences can most likely expect more iconic moments, potentially more blood, and maybe even a loss of her strange, out-of-character love triangle. At the very least, Ortega will be back as Wednesday, and that will be just as great of a gift.

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