The Wire’s Wendell Pierce may not have been able to return as Jack Ryan’s friend and boss, Jim Greer, in Jack Ryan season 2 because of one CBS sitcom.

Amazon Prime’s Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan almost lost one of its most integral actors, Wendell Pierce, after Jack Ryan season 1 due to a conflict with another television series. Wendell Pierce plays Jim Greer, Jack Ryan’s boss and fellow CIA agent, and at the time of Jack Ryan season 1, he also had a role in CBS’s The Odd Couple. When it came time to film Jack Ryan season 2, Pierce’s continued involvement in the series seemed uncertain.

Jack Ryan is a television series starring John Krasinski as CIA agent Jack Ryan and based on books by Tom Clancy. The show has three seasons so far and streams on Amazon Prime. The character Jim Greer appears alongside Ryan as his superior but also as a man suffering from marital problems due to his work with the CIA. Greer is an intelligent and dedicated worker, struggling with balancing his personal life and job demands.

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Wendell Pierce’s Greer Casting Almost Didn’t Happen In Jack Ryan

john krasinki and wendell pierce in jack ryan season 3

Wendell Pierce almost didn’t return as Jim Greer in Jack Ryan because of his commitment to his role as Teddy in The Odd Couple. CBS’s The Odd Couple ran for three seasons as a reboot of the 1965 stage play of the same name which follows two mismatched roommates. In the series, Pierce played Teddy, the best friend of Oscar who is often getting him work. Because of the series, Pierce would not have been able to return to Jack Ryan season 2, despite managing to participate in both series during Jack Ryan season 1.

However, in a lucky twist of fate, when Jack Ryan’s showrunners attempted to acquire Pierce for the second season, the problem with The Odd Couple promptly sorted itself out. CBS did not renew The Odd Couple for a fourth season and instead canceled it. This left Pierce totally available to return as Jim Greer in Jack Ryan season 2, which he did, before continuing as the character in season 3.

Why Pierce Is The Perfect Greer For The Jack Ryan TV Show

Wendell Pierce in Jack Ryan

It was vital for Jack Ryan creators to sign Wendell Pierce on as Jim Greer in Jack Ryan season 2 because his acting experience and abilities make him perfect for the role. Pierce’s role in HBO’s The Wire as Detective Bunk Moreland garnered him significant fame before Tom Clancy’s story did. Pierce’s performance as Bunk not only gave him a fanbase but also proved his ability to play dark, difficult men in law enforcement roles. The jump from Bunk to Greer must not have been a large one for Pierce, who fits comfortably into both roles and therefore, excites audiences.

Having the talented Wendell Pierce fill the shoes of James Earl Jones as Jack Ryan’s Jim Greer was a big plus for fans and creators of the Amazon Prime series. Despite the season 2 setback, Pierce was able to return to Jack Ryan and will hopefully maintain his role throughout Jack Ryan season 4 and beyond. Now, after three seasons, it’s hard to imagine Greer played by anyone else.

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