Deathlok could be rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Phase 5, as Agents of SHIELD‘s character could fit within the technological corner of the franchise. The ABC Marvel series used plenty of characters from Marvel’s comics during the course of its seven-season run. Whether it was major heroes like Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki), Quake (Chloe Bennet), or Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna), Agents of SHIELD always made sure to include characters that comic readers would recognize. This included introducing Deathlok, played by J. August Richards, in Agents of SHIELD season 1.

So far, no characters from Agents of SHIELD have crossed over with the MCU. However, rumors suggest that this could change in Phase 5 with Quake’s return. This could go a long way in determining if Agents of SHIELD is MCU canon or not. Regardless of which side of the debate Marvel Studios ultimately takes, not every character featured on the show will come back. This could mean that a few Agents of SHIELD characters are rebooted in some fashion to fit within the wider MCU story. This could include anyone from Madame Hydra, Absorbing Man, or Lash, but Deathlok’s MCU Phase 5 reboot seems the most plausible.

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MCU Phase 5 Could Reboot Deathlok After Agents of SHIELD

The MCU could use Ironheart to help reboot Deathlok in Phase 5 after Agents of SHIELD. The series is confirmed to explore a mixture of mysticism and technology, and that setup could allow a version of the Marvel TV character to appear. Agents of SHIELD took a few liberties when it came time to introduce Deathlok, as he was originally known as Mike Peterson, which is not the name of any iteration of the character in the comics. The show also changed how he got his powers, linking him to Iron Man 3‘s Extremis formula, and then having the cyborg transformation take place after a series of accidents.

Since Ironheart is going to explore more of the technological side of the MCU, introducing a character like Deathlok would make sense. It also helps that he has a connection to Ironheart‘s villain The Hood in the comics. Parker Robbins acquired a version of Deathlok to be part of his gang and used the cyborg assassin to help rob banks. There is a chance that a rebooted Deathlok could be in Ironheart as one of the villains that Riri Williams encounters. And since there are multiple versions of Deathlok in the comics, rebooting the Agents of SHIELD character can still be done without retconning the show.

Deathlok’s MCU Return Could Help Set Up Armor Wars

deathlok miles savage avengers

Marvel rebooting Deathlok in MCU Phase 5 through an Ironheart appearance could even help set up Armor Wars. The upcoming Marvel movie is going to explore the legacy of Iron Man’s technology and what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. Considering how large of a role Tony Stark’s inventions have had on the MCU, it is possible that a rebooted Deathlok could be made using spare parts from Iron Man technology. That would directly connect him to War Machine’s potential story in Armor Wars, leading to a conflict between Rhodey and Deathlok.

If Deathlok’s MCU reboot comes as a villain in Ironheart, then his return in Armor Wars could be where his heroic turn happens. War Machine could come to the conclusion that this new version of Deathlok has been manipulated and controlled to do bad things against his will. That would leave room for Deathlok to be a hero in Armor Wars and the MCU’s future, allowing him to take on a much bigger role than he received in Agents of SHIELD.

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